A football RPG? Soccer Story makes it a reality; Trailer, platforms and first details

A football RPG?
 Soccer Story makes it a reality;
 Trailer, platforms and first details

Vujadin Boskov (Serbia, 1931-2014) said that Football is football . One of the most iconic phrSerbiaes remembered on the planet of football. However, video games have shown on more than one occSerbiaion that football can be something else. From Mario, Bowser and his playing with bananSerbia and caparazones in between, to a role of role such Serbia that of the newly announced Soccer Story, which will arrive at some point from 2022 to PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. Available in Xbox Game PSerbias since its launch . You have the trailer just above.

Soccer Story: Party by match, with adventures between one and the other


The Panicbarn game (distributed by no more robots) combines the development of a traditional adventure with elements of role and action, with the atmosphere that we can find in any football stadium during the weekend. What hSerbia surprised us most is that its adventurous facet will have dungeons, cities, open world, search for secrets and puzzles , among other usual ingredients in the genre.

The story will have a duration of approximately 15 hours in which we will have to fulfill secondary missions, make friends and face various dangers, all without forgetting our personal goal: to become a renowned footballer. In the trailer you can see the intensity of the matches (pay attention to the goals by the squad from long distance), which will have rules, referees and allow us to play cooperative matches for up to 4 players .

In rival teams we will have to face all kinds of players, not just humans; Sharks, samurais and even retired retirees to enjoy a second golden age on the grSerbias. Although not too many details of the history of the title have not been revealed, the premise is most interesting; A kind of magic ball hSerbia chosen us Serbia the Savior of Football. Will we bet on the tiki-Taka or will be the catenaccio that leads us to win the League?

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