Does Piccolo get a new way in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero? Answered

Does Piccolo get a new way in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero?

Piccolo has always had a place in the hearts of Dragon Ball fans and often considered one of the most popular characters. However, as the story progressed, so did the threats facing the earth, leaving Piccolo in the dust and something forgotten. The most recent movie changes that by putting the focus on Piccolo, but does it get an impulse of power so deserved to be with Goku and Vegeta? Here is everything we know about If Piccolo gets a new way in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero.

The new forms of Piccolo in Super Dragon Ball Heroes

Piccolo fans will be happy to know that he obtains not one but two new forms in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero . Piccolo passes the first act of the film trying to make Goku and Vegeta, who are training on the planet of Beerus with Broly, return to Earth to combat the growing threat of the Red List army.

Without the way to reach the two Saiyans, Piccolo decides same way. The great old man Guru did it for Gohan and Krillin in Namek in the Frieza saga. While dende cannot do this, she can update Dragon Balls to extract Piccolo’s potential with a desire.

Fortunately, Bulma has Capsule Corp staff who constantly brings together Dragon Balls to prevent them from falling into the hands of malefactors. Shenron can unlock Piccolo’s potential by giving it a very necessary impulse of power along with something extra.

Piccolo ends in a rematch with Gamma 2 and, although unlocking his potential provides an increase in force, it is not yet enough to match Gamma 2. When it seems that Piccolo is about to be defeated, the additional transformation of He: Orange Piccolo.

What is Piccolo Orange?

Image source: Toei animation

As the name suggests, this transformation changes the piccolo skin from green to orange while it increases its height and adds considerable muscle mass. With the great increase in the power provided by the transformation, Piccolo can quickly change the screws in Gamma 2.

The new transformation of Piccolo has its roots in the tradition and mythology of Namekian. The bright stealth that is seen in the back of his GI when he first transformed is Namek’s pride symbol and represents the ajisa tree that grows in Namek.

While it is not officially declared, the power of the new form of Piccolo could allow him to be with Goku and Vegeta. This can be seen by the ease with which he defeats Gamma 2 and is the only one of the Z Warriors capable of fighting the last villain of the film, Cell Max. Piccolo also chooses to use his giant form that has not been seen since his first battle with Goku to face the android he sweeps.

That is all we know about whether Piccolo gets a new way in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero . Be sure to consult Super to get more guides from Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero.

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