Where is the Claude in the fantasy tower?

Where is the Claude in the fantasy tower?

Objects are diverse and numerous in Tower of Fantasy. It is important to know where you can find those that you need, especially for updating. Claude, the seller of objects in the Banges Dock, can provide you with ore, materials for servicing vehicles and gifts.

How to find Claude

If you teleport in a spaceship: Doc Banges turn facing the sea, then look right, there should be a large yellow neon sign with the inscription Balmart Bachelor . Claude in that store. The screenshot above shows the location of the store on the map.

If you have at least one of the items that he sells in your backpack, for example, crystals, you can also click on the subject, look at how to get then click objects of objects in Banges . This will place a blue navigation marker on the main screen of the game. An important note: the navigation marker did not appear on our map when we tested this, only the main screen of the game.

W Hat so special in Claude?

Claude items selling are very useful. The ore is used to improve equipment. Materials for maintenance of vehicles can be used to increase the level of maintenance of the vehicle. Having reached a fairly high level of maintenance, you can convert your car by changing its appearance. Gifts are the last thing you will find in the Claude store, and they can be the most important. You use them to awaken your simulars.

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