Watch out for black rabbits! P of false Gameskom field quality

Watch out for black rabbits!
 P of false Gameskom field quality

Neowiz’s False of Blood is one of the most noticeable titles in the 2022 Game Scom.

In the opening night live, he won the ‘The most anticipated PS Game Award’, and released the Xbox Game Pass Day One and showed the first gameplay. Currently, False of P is a booth at the venue, provides local visitors with opportunities for game demonstration, and is known to be more than two hours of queue.

In addition, participated in the ‘Xbox booth game live streaming’ event on August 25 and provided a place to directly answer questions with local moderators. The questions and answers were conducted by Round 8 Studio Choi Ji-won and Park Sung-joon. The following is a summary of on-site interviews.

Watch out for black rabbits!

Q. The murder machine appears in the game based on the story of the fairy tale Pinocchio. How did you think about this?

a. Choi Ji-won PD: Our team is the first to create a single play console game. I discussed a lot to determine the material, but I wanted to convey our originality while using well-known materials. In this process, I decided to adapt Pinocchio, but it is not a defined issue from the beginning.

(Before the original) I decided to determine the elements of the game. The first was to never borrow the concept of ‘dark fantasy’ or ‘medieval’. The second is to allow adults to immerse themselves without the story. Finally, it was a character and an adventure that players could not forget. The story of Pinocchio fits this condition.

Q. This game scom can be introduced all over the world.

a. Park Sung-joon PD: I was not sure when I heard the idea of adapting the story of Pinocchio. Isn’t Pinocchio a fairy tale for children?

But I read the story again and was not just a fairy tale. I learned that there are many characters and many attractive characters about human nature. Through the game, I decided to give a new vitality to this wonderful story.

Q. If so, can you explain the story of in more detail?

a. Choi Ji-won PD: As you know, False of P is an adaptation of the cruel side of Pinocchio. And the game deals with a completely new event. The city where the disease spreads is the background, which causes various conflicts.

Familiar characters also appear, but they are expressed a little differently. In the trailer, ‘Antonia’ appears, and in the original, he is a friend of Jepeto, who is called Antonio. More details will be saved for later.

** Q. The characters wearing the masks in the trailer do not appear in the original.

a. Park Sung-joon, general manager: The favorite black rabbit brothers, they also appear in the original fairy tales (four black rabbits). In the game, they are not just rabbits, but they are still carried by the coffin and try to put the main character. Players must survive their hunting.

Q. I am curious about the combat system of . It also belongs to the Soul Lake genre, but I wonder how much it resembles that genre.

a. Choi Ji-won PD: has a unique combat system. The first system is a ‘weapon combination’, which is done by combining blade and the Handle. This allows you to use hundreds of combinations. The blades and sacks have unique motions, shapes, weights and special skills, respectively.

Another system is slave cancer. Since the protagonist is a doll, you can change the body parts, which allows you to use various abilities. Finding parts that fit the situation will be fun.

Q. In the original, Pinocchio increases his nose every time he lies. Does these elements appear in the game?

a. Choi Ji-won PD: First, the material of lies is also important in the original. Humans lie, which is part of humanity.

We wanted to deal with the concept of a lie from a different point of view. Is there something ‘human’ as much as lies to achieve a purpose? We saw a lie a condition for becoming a human being. This is reflected in the game and meets several events by lies. It can’t be spoiled how a lie affects the nose. To guarantee, it will be really hard to predict.

Q. When the game is released, I have to lie hard.

a. Park Sung-joon, General Manager: Remember only 1. The Black Rabbit is struggling to put a liar into the coffin.

Q. What was the hardest part of developing a game?

a. Choi Ji-won PD: In Korea, most games are online or mobile. There are not many developers who have expertise in console single play games. Therefore, I have repeated many trials and errors, but I think it is inevitable. Although it is a difficult environment, the development team of developed a lot of people with console game projects, and it was a great help.

In addition, all of our team members loved the console game, so it was easy to match the vision for

. This is why False of P was able to come here. The team is really proud.

a. Park Sung-joon, general manager: It was the first time to make a console single play game. **** I had a lot of experience in action game development, but it was all ‘online’ games. At first, in fact, creating a single play game would have no network sink issues, and I thought it would be easier in terms of technical aspects. But when I developed it, I found out that I overlooked a lot. When I made an online game, I couldn’t even imagine it.

For example, False of P is one protagonist. Online games usually had more than five main characters, so I thought it would be easier. However, one Pinocchio needed more than 10 times more animations than online game characters. Various weapons used unique animations for each weapon.

As a result, the cost of producing animation, which was expected in the early plan, was completely out. When you come to our studio, you will see animation artists and combat designers flutter together. It is still confusing, but we are enjoying development and plans are developing.

Q. What if you leave a last impression on everyone who visits the scene?

a. Choi Ji-won PD: I didn’t know how to get this much interest and love. Thank you so much for your support, and I will do our best to develop the game. I guarantee that I can fall into the appearance of the city Krat (in the game). See you in the XBOX game pass.

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