[Picture diary of Teru Kazu Yoshida] Cult cult -operated action CULT OF THE LAMB Cleaning the poop and watching the elderly are also the gurus job! ?

This time, it is a Nintendo switch version of CULT OF THE LAMB Cult of the Lamb ** released by MASSIVE MONSTER. This work is a cult of the cult that is dedicated to a sacrifice, where the lamb built up a cult that has been helped by a mysterious being.

Players will alternately play the simulation part that runs the cult and the action part that captures the automatically generated rogue-type dungeons…

That’s… like my favorite Act Traser!

Well, the main character over there is God, and this is the guru of the cult.

A sacrificed lamb is the leader of the cult! ?

The main character, the lamb, was now dedicated as a strange sacrifice.

The executioner ax is shanged by lamb.

However, when the lamb opened, he was in a mysterious space with white frogs. Apparently, he was saved by a waiting person.

The waiting person orders to create a cult cult as a price to revive the lamb.

And the lamb, the resurrection!

The resurrected lamb slashes the enemy around him with Bassabassa! Just say, I will fight my enemy!

Lamb-chan, I was crying in Gakuburu until a while ago, but it was a great change!

In the battle, you will defeat enemies with hits and away from weapons attacks and avoidance.

Avoidance is faster than normal movement, so it can be used as a substitute for a dash.

The lamb can also consume religion and bring out a special move called curse. There are various types of weapons and curses, and you can get them randomly while searching the dungeon.

As we proceeded in a dungeon built in a small area, we found animals that were being sacrificed like a lamb.

The animals you helped will be a pleasure to be a believer!

Yes, there is one believer!

When I cleared the dungeon, I arrived at the tattered archeological site.

This will be the hometown of the cult.

Oh, was the animal that helped in the dungeon transferred to this archeological site?

The name and appearance can be changed freely, so I borrowed my friend’s name and named it Ohara.

The lamb was established. Looking for believers!

I put a red clothes, a proof of a believer, to Ohara, who was wearing a ragged cloth.

Please do your best to make the tattered hometown splendid!

Trees grow all over the place, and stones are rolling everywhere. You can use these to build various facilities.

I wonder if Ohara will cut down and collect lumber.

Wood and stone are gathered, so let’s make a cooking bonfire next time.

If you proceed with the game, you can grow agricultural products and get various ingredients, but only weeds are weeds.

Weed cuisine made with it! I will get sick with a 25%probability!

I don’t want to eat it, but if the believers get hungry, the religion of the cult will be lost, so I wonder if I have to eat it. **

I wanted to make other facilities, but I don’t have enough materials and believers, so I’ll procure them in the dungeon part.

In the dungeon, you can enhance the tarot card!

In the dungeon, in addition to the area where the enemy appears, the area where you can get a various effects of tarot cards.

Here, we choose either the two tarot cards presented randomly, but which one is more useful for capture. Don’t worry.

In a battle with the boss, you can enjoy a different response from a small fish enemy.

In the boss area that fought this time, bones and weeds were falling everywhere. I have to get this! (While being attacked)

I managed to defeat the boss, so let’s return to my hometown.

I got a good amount of material items, I found some believers candidates, and it was a fruitful dungeon search!

The life of the believers is lighter than the religion…?

By capturing the first dungeon, the number of believers increased steadily, and the scale could be called the cult. I have to decide the name of the cult!

Alright, the name of the cult is Yoshida’s uncle’s uncle (YOH) Order **, which was aimed at protecting the uncle.

By the way, it would be fun to give the believers a name of an acquaintance! I borrowed the name of my friend Abe-kun and Magema, the editor of the picture diary.

The altar built in the center of the home is a device that gathers prayers for believers. The more many believers pray at the altar, the more prayers you pray.

You can unlock building recipes by consuming the gathered prayer.

I need a prayer to build more buildings, but the believer’s resources are worrisome that they have to assign them to logging and mining. I have to increase the number of believers…!

And we built a church!

In the church, you can enhance the religion of believers by camping fires and actors to followers! In addition, the enhancement element of the character that makes the action part in dungeon advantageous according to the religious level will be unlocked.

I increased the number of believers to become the loved and teachers. However, in that case, you will have to prepare a bed for the number of followers, and if you do not have a toilet, you will need to clean it because you will nogs there. …… Is this the work of the lord…?

And the rapidly growing YOH cult comes out. The management became unable to manage, and finally a dismissed person appeared.

What a resignation is Abe-kun. Abe-kun was talking to the teacher’s horror, promoting the separation of other believers!

This is the recent Arle turn.

That is a shackle.

At first glance, it seems to be a beheading, but he is just binding so that he does not escape and is simply preaching re-education.

Yes, for many days until he is converted.

Now, how much strongness will last?

And a few days later…

Yeah, I’m glad you understand!

But there is no second time…?

Time flows, and the scale of the cult was growing steadily. The archeological sites have plenty of facilities such as farms, fellowships, and tunnel.

However, since the believers are getting older every day, the believers who have been in have now become grandpas and grandmas who just wait for death.

An elderly believer suddenly dies one day. If the body is left unattended, there is a danger that the disease will spread, so it is troublesome but daily looking around is indispensable. Is this is the teacher’s job?

But what if you don’t have to do such a troublesome way…?

Yes, in the church, you can do a terrible ceremony that gives the life of believers and gains religion!

Thank you for your hard work. Elderly believers have to work well…

If you die anyway… Sacrifice

I played the normal difficulty and cleared in about 30 hours. I spent time on the cult’s operation part, but if I just aim to clear it, the cult’s operation part does not need to go so far, so if you are early, you may be able to clear it in about 10 hours. The difficulty level is available in four stages of Easy, Normal Hard Extra, so after clearing, you have a pleasure to increase the difficulty and try again.

The Kimo of this work will be the operation of the cult cult! Believers will follow you with smile, no matter how unreasonable they work, and can be re-educated by re-education even if they can separate. It is the most interesting to make the believers unreasonable! The action part also had a refreshing feeling thanks to the operability that could move the character.

However, in the Nintendo Switch version I played, there was a bug that could not be operated after the ritual, and the names of the cult could not be used, so I would like to improve it by updating.

CULT OF THE LAMB is being distributed to PS4/PS5/Xbox One/Xbox Series | X/Nintendo Switch/PC (Steam/gog.com).

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