I am obsessed with F1 Manager, and it is because it does not want to be a copy of Football Manager

I am obsessed with F1 Manager, and it is because it does not want to be a copy of Football Manager

I am a crazy Football Manager . Every year I put more hundreds of hours to the new edition, creating increasingly crazy games such as Kaiserlautern that I told you a couple of months ago. I would like to say that I am a fan of Manager video games, but the reality is that I have a hard time finding new sports titles that have this approach to the world of management, and that they catch me as FM does every season.

I have tried a lot of basketball titles that do not stop disappoint I have only managed to hook myself with some other pro cycling manager. Until I tried for a few days F1 Manager 2022 .

Decision making matters


Since the arrival of Liberty Media 2016, Formula 1 has lived an explosion. In addition to radical decision-making in favor of the track show, entertainment products have also been created as interesting as the to Survive of Netflix. Not to mention the expansion of the brand in the United States, a place traditionally associated with other motor competitions such as Nascar or Indycar .

F1 Manager is another leg of this Plan . A plan, with more signs of success than that of Fernando Alonso, because he does not seek to invent anything. The stories, rivalries and emotion were already there, but it is time to enhance it to the point of turning it into a global sport.

And perhaps the most interesting thing is that F1 Manager has no interest in imitating the winner of the sports management genre such as FM. This does not have a large database and look for the best, that also, if not to make concrete decisions in the race, manage a budget and a calendar to meet concrete objectives.

A seal of its own

That is possibly what makes the game a success, or at least what has led me to be very hooked to what it proposes. When you are out of racing weekend you want to end up being able to design and install that new chassis, while when you are out, you want the races to test that new strategy.

His presentation letter were the graphics, there is no doubt about that. And it is something important, because the F1 sells show, making it necessary to see the overtaking and key moments in all its splendor. But unlike a conventional racing game, here the goal is to get more involved in the role of manager. The feeling of advancing an opponent being you who are behind the wheel is very different from the one you have as a team director .

F1 Manager has achieved what many others have not been able to: Being a sports management game with its own seal . I will talk more about the game when the time of analysis comes, but for the moment we are left with the idea that it is one of the titles that has obsessed me the most so far this year.

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