This player is small Football Manager and a country is invented to have a new league

This player is small Football Manager and a country is invented to have a new league

Football Manager, in its latest edition, has a total of 117 leagues and 52 different countries. This gives rise to very different experiences: from the opulence of the Premier League, through the hell of the second Spanish Federation, without forgetting exotic experiences such as China and its crazy registration rules, or the MLS and its draft system. There is a flavor for each palate.

Or well, there was. Because today we are going to introduce you to Chris Dorling , a very special player of Football Manager. Such is his obsession with the game that neither with all those leagues and countries, even with the additions of new steam workshop leagues, served him. That was when he made the decision: Create a new country, all its teams, competitions and leagues . It is not a joke.

A viral tweet released his departure

The Dorling project has gone viral through an answer to one of the best known accounts in the FM world, such as Nocontextfm1 . The question wasWhat is the most strange league in which you have been a coach? , To which Dorling responded with his project:I created my own country and trained there . In addition to that phrase, he added captures confirming that this was real.

Perhaps the most striking thing is not that you attach things like the new teams or captures of the game, but Dorling reached the extreme of sharing the shirts created by him with real sponsors, as well as a map of that fictional country . Yes, in the style of fantasy novel writers like Tolkien, George R.R. Martin or Brandon Sanderson.


Avoria, the country of football

Following the writers, Dorling made a thread on Twitter commenting on this process and, yes, everything started with a small fictitious story of Avoria . A total of four pages of text in which it tells us the story of this country invented by himself , and that they place it on the map. According to this lore, Avoria would be an island north of the Portuguese islands of the Azores.

Such is the level of detail, which tells us things like the Portuguese explorer who discovered them in 1600, the initiative to colonize them by King José I in 1714, or even to detail the origin of several of the cities or districts which are now the headquarters of several of Avoria’s most important clubs. All invented, of course.

In fact, there is a section specifically dedicated to football in Avoria, which tells us that the League started in 1976. This competition, called Defasio League , would have been dominated by Benfica Avoira until its dissolution in 1989. But The level of detail even talks about club mergers in the 90s, or sanctions in 2000.

many hours of work

The level of Avoira detail has nothing to envy to official leagues of the game . Dorling even came to work in matters such as the derbies, the historical winners or key characters in his history. After creating this, he had to create systems such as the classification to European competitions, the awards for best players and coaches. Not to mention a second division with another ten clubs, a reservation system and even a national supercopa.

After entering all the information in the game editor, he simulated a couple of seasons to see that everything worked. With the confirmation of this fact, it was time to get to work on the graphic aspect. Dorling used a program like Pesmaster , designed for Pro Evolution Soccer, to create the shirts and logos of each and every team. An goldsmith work that gave its results when checking the visual power of its league.

If you want to play in the League and country invented by Dorling, you can do it. You just have to access the 2019 Football Manager Steam Workshop and search Avoria Fantasy League ; Or you can click here.

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