A judgment of a trial over the Kagawa Prefectures Game Ordinance is issued. The ruling is dismissed, and the prefectures claims have passed.

A judgment of a trial over the Kagawa Prefectures Game Ordinance is issued.
 The ruling is dismissed, and the prefectures claims have passed.

A court ruling was sentenced today on August 30, a trial to compete for whether Kagawa Prefecture’s Game Ordinance in 2020 violates the Constitution. KSB (Seto Inland Sea Broadcasting) reports. The ruling was rejected. It looks like the prefecture’s claim that it is not unconstitutional.


Kagawa Prefecture established the Kagawa Prefectural Net Game Additional Ordinance in 2020. Under the awareness that excessive playing games causes decrease in academic ability and physical problems, he advocated the basic philosophy of addiction measures. In particular, in Article 18, paragraph 2, children under the age of 18 are 60 minutes a day for children under the age of 18, 90 minutes per day on holidays, and 9:00 pm for children before the end of compulsory education. In the past, it was decided that other children had been obliged to stop using smartphones by 10 pm. In addition, the process leading to the approval of the ordinance and the public comments received in the enactment of the ordinance were also doubtful (related article).

The plaintiff in this lawsuit was a high school student from Takamatsu City, a high school student, who raised funds for crowdfunding. According to the game ordinance, it has been demanding damages of 1.6 million yen, such as infringing basic human rights, such as Article 13 of the Constitution, People’s Rights for Life, Freedom and Happiness Pursuit (the right to pursue happiness). On the other hand, the prefectural side was fighting for the ordinance that the obligations were only obliged and the rights had not infringed.

However, in April this year, the plaintiffs were trying to withdraw the complaint in April this year. According to the supporters, the plaintiff was out of communication, and the lawyer of the agent had declined in March. The prefecture did not agree with the withdrawal of the complaint, and the trial was completed in May, and the ruling was sentenced today.
[Update 2022/08/30 17:14] Corrected the description of plaintiffs.

The Takamatsu District Court’s judgment is that it is not a violation of the Constitution. Regarding the basis of the ordinance that was an issue, Judge Tomoko Amano said, The use of over-the-Internet games can cause social life can cause problems and negative effects in social life, saying, I can’t say that medical knowledge has been established. The gender cannot be denied.

Regarding this ordinance, a group of residents has been implementing another trial from October 2021 to refund litigation expenses.

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