List of Bosses Cult of the Lamb: How to win every bishop?

List of Bosses Cult of the Lamb: How to win every bishop?

As in many other games in which there are bosses at the end of the levels, Cult of the Lamb has bishops opposing your new religion. There are four regions in Cult of the Lamb, and in each region you will meet a bishop at the end. This means that you need to defeat four elephants.

Bishops are terrifying species that can also be called bosses. It is not so difficult to remove them if you know in advance how the battle will take place. Therefore, in order to maximize your chances of victory, we have prepared this leadership, which tells how to defeat each bishop in the lamb cult.

How to defeat all bishops in the cult of the lamb

As mentioned above, there are four elephants, and all of them themselves are a headache. Nevertheless, we explained the strategies that need to be followed in order to defeat each bishop at the lamb cult.

Leshy-Bishop of Darkwood

The very first bishop that you will encounter in the Cult of the Lamb is the goblin. Goblin is found in dark tree area of the game. The attacks of the goblin will remind you of the attacks of previous mini-bosses with whom you fought in the cult of the Lamb; Velefar, Barbatos and Amiduzas.

Haket-Anura Bishop

In anura of the region of the lamb, you will face the second bishop, known as Heket. Haket will look like a frog. So you can guess the nature of the battle. Basically, he will jump and beat on the ground, using his language as a weapon.

Callamar-Bishop of Ankordip

In Ancordip of the agant cult, you will face the third bishop, known as Callamar. Callamar will have four hands and four types of weapons to attack you, so be on the alert.

H Shamura-Bishop of Silk Coarse

In silk cradle of the agant cult, you will encounter the fourth and last bishop, known as Shamura. Shamura is a giant spider boss with very powerful attacks. One of the main attacks against Shamura to beware should be its web threads that can connect you.

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