How old is Ellie in The Last of US 2 Part 2

How old is Ellie in The Last of US 2 Part 2

The Last of US Part 2 is an adventure game developed for the PlayStation 4 by the Naughty Dog. The game unfolds in the post-apocalyptic future and follows the events of The Last of US, in which a 14-year-old Ellie instructed the cool smugglers Joel. But how old is Ellie in The Last of US Part 2, sequel?

How old is Ellie in The Last of US 2 Part 2?

About five years have passed since the events of the first game, which means that Ellie is 18 or 19 years old. In The Last of Us Part 2. Over the past years, Joel admitted to his brother that his actions to save Ellie prevented the medicine From the pandemia of the fungus of Cordyceps. In a series of unsuccessful events, Joel meets a group of survivors of fireflies, a group that was going to kill Ellie. Joel killed their surgeon, and one of the new members of the group was the daughter of the surgeon of Abby. When she finds out who he is, Abby kills Joel. But Ellie is watching what is happening, which is determined to take revenge.

There were many assumptions about the third addition to the series. This seems inevitable due to the popularity and approval of the critics of the first two games. The action will certainly continue with our heroine Ellie. But how much will she be by that time? Time will tell.


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