The best Slowbro assemblies in Pokemon Unite

The best Slowbro assemblies in Pokemon Unite

Slowbro is a defender that uses special attacks in Pokemon Unite. Pokemon is extremely tenacious, and players can play them to destroy or weaken opponents using its set of movements. Sloodwood can be difficult to win because of its natural ability to heal, as well as a set of movements and objects that can make it almost uncontrollable to knock out. Here’s how to play Slowbro in Pokemon Unite.

Best using Slowbro in Pokemon Unite

Sloody is a good destroyer and debuffer in Pokemon Unite, capable of attacking several enemies and interrupting the score. Players can play in defense or in attack with Slowbro in many ways because of his forgetful ability. This allows him to accumulate HP for treatment over time and reduce the enemy’s special protection by 4% up to 20% for five seconds . Set of Movement Slobra can also lead to the fact that they will restore more health from this ability. Enhanced slurry attacks reduce the speed of the movement of enemies affected 30% per second and will be summarized on top of other debuffs of movement.

Movement Slopro

In , the first level Slopro can learn either water gun or poison . A water gun can be charged for applying a different amount of damage. Five-second kuldown and will reduce the speed of movement of the target by 35% by one second. It also restores part of the HP stored in Oblivious. Slack OFF will restore 1.5% from the maximum HP slobbery every half seconds for three seconds and doubles all the self-healing. It has 11 seconds of reloading and it is best to use inside the target.

In fourth level slowbro will replace a water gun with burn or surfing . Skald is a shell that will hit three times and set fire to all goals in this area. This slows off enemies for half a second, creating a cloud that slows enemies inside 30% for three seconds . The attack of enemies will be reduced by 40% at the same time and heals the players by a certain number of Oblivious HP points they have saved. The surf will destroy enemies, toss enemies into the air for a short time and slow them down 25% for one second. This restores 10% HP Oblivious Slowbro every second for three seconds .

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In the sixth level Slowbro will replace Slack Off for amnesia or telekinesis . Amnesia has a recovery time nine seconds and give SlowBro 300 protection forfour seconds Restore 22.5% oblivious hp every second for four seconds , and stops As soon as Slowbro takes any action. It also leads to the fact that Slowbro becomes UNSONEMENT . Telekinesis forces Sloody to keep the enemy in the air and completely stop his actions at 2.3 seconds . This will restore 15% HP Oblivious Slowbro every second for five seconds *. Players can again use telekinesis, holding the enemy to attract their target closer so that an ally, such as Absol or tyranitarian, could destroy it.

In ninth level Slobl will learn slow beam their combining movement. This inflicts six damages and holds the enemy in place for three seconds . This movement will pass through the state of uncontrollability and will make the target motionless until the movement ends. Sloodwood will receive a shield from this movement and make a slow, invisible to any obstacles during the action.

The best objects and combat items for Slowbro

Slowbro can use quite a lot of holding items that completely change his play style. While some items will make it more protective, other items can make a slow arrested attack for attack. Using laying strategies, players can combine the retained items, such as cookies EOS and combine it with a combat object purposeful . Other combat items can be more universal and hold the slope in battle even longer.

the best holding items

EOS * cookies-increases the maximum health of the slobber every time they score a goal, up to six times. This can be used paired with Score Shield and Goal Getter for maximum efficiency.
assault vest -gives a slope a shield equal to 15% of its maximum health. This will appear only after leaving the battle in five seconds.
Baddy Barrier -gives a shield of both a slow bro and an ally with the least health when using the unifying movement of a slow bro. The shield is 25% of the maximum HP slope.
The choice of specification *-every eight seconds inflicting additional damage, equal to 40% of their special attack plus 60. This works only one target and gives a slow armor-in-late presence at later levels.
Focusing group -gives SLOWBRO more HP regeneration when HP is below 25%, up to 14% of their maximum HP for three seconds. It goes very well with Slowbro because of their Oblivious ability.
Remains -gives the slope even more to restore HP outside the battle. It will also be combined with the ability oblivion.
Rocky helmet *-inflicts a damage equal to the opponents, equal to 5%, when they apply more than 10% of damage to a slow bro. This is another offensive option, which goes very well with a more defensive slope.
Counter shield *-It goes well with AEO COOKIE, as it gives a shield equal to 10% of the maximum HP SlowBro whenever they try to score glasses. While the shield is raised, players cannot be interrupted when counting points, and the higher the slurry level, the stronger the shield.

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Best Combat Orthods

Purposeful *-doubles the speed of counting glasses for SlowBro and goes very well with Score Shield and Aeos Cookie.
Potion -gives Slood another opportunity to restore up to 20% of its health.
Slow smoke -Helps the team with a field of smoke slow down the enemy Pokemon.
* x speed -increases the speed of a slow bro by 45% and gives immunity to any effects that reduce the speed of movement by six seconds.

Best assemblies for Slowbro

Slowbro is extremely multifaceted, and its movements are interchangeable due to how strong they are. There are two main builds on which players can concentrate, but can make changes where they want them to better correspond to their style of the game.

Skald and Amnesia

The combination burn as well as amnesia gives a slow broof powerful buff to defense, since both attacks force him to withstand more damage from physical attacks. The updated version of Amnesia will also increase the special protection of Slowbro to make Slowbro even more tenacious. Skald is strong in team battles and protect the weaker Pokemon from the attackers. Paired with a bunch build with cookies EOS , test shield and or baddy barrier or Rocky helmet together with a combat object purposeful Slood It is almost impossible to disable.

surfing and telekinesis

Both surfing as well as telekinesis are destructive techniques that SlowBro can use to immobilize enemies either when counting glasses or in command battles. Surfing is a powerful technique of control of the crowd, which can stun several enemies for a short time. Telekinesis is a movement with one goal, but the ability to wrap enemies on a group of teammates can be deadly depending on the composition of the team. A more aggressive build can be used with selection of specification , Rocky helmet and also baddy barrier s x velocity or slow smoke as a combat item.

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