Votes to BVB, FC Bayern, Eintracht Frankfurt, FC Schalke 04 as well as Co .

Votes to BVB, FC Bayern, Eintracht Frankfurt, FC Schalke 04 as well as Co

On match day 6 of the Bundesliga, Borussia Dortmund had to give up against RB Leipzig at the debut of ex-coach Marco Rose. FC Bayern also did not get beyond a draw against VfB Stuttgart. The Sky votes to the Bundesliga:

Frank Kramer (coach Schalke 04): We were very good in the game, had good access, one or the other degree. Then we make the leaders On our side, we pulled the better end on our side, we are very happy about that.

Thomas Was (coach VFL Bochum): It is very, very annoying again. We added too much space in the first 20 minutes of Schalke, then better found in the game, a giant ORT chance by Roller that we do not do. Then we get the goal, make the deserved compensation, are on the pusher, and then it is very bitter when you get the goal again. That’s why you’re standing again with empty hands. But for me, it always goes on, even if the boys go on are very flattened in the cabin.

Marco Rose (coach RB Leipzig)…

_… To the game:Now I can enjoy the afternoon in retrospect. Basically, I enjoy being the privilege of Bundesliga trainers and I enjoy my job. But the last few days have been very stressful. I am really satisfied that the boys have implemented so much, and we deservedly won.

_… To predecessor Tesco:There is always a lot to be given to the boys. Domenico has become a cup winner, played a top round, qualified for the Champions League. This is always essential for the club. In our business it is the case that constellations arise in clubs where it is not possible to experience this. I am now there and try to implement the ideas I have. The boys have a lot Well d1. We won a Bundesliga game today, took a good step, but can make a lot better.

_… On the situation at RB:If you are more playful as a whole, energy develops by itself. This is a team that wants to win, which is used to winning more than losing. It didn’t go that way now Great in the last few weeks. Then a new coach comes with a different speech and that sets a bit. But that was just a win, now Madrid and Mönchengladbach come. We have many games, the squad is not so big-we have the task of staying there.

_… to Borussia Dortmund:I was very happy to be with the club, it is a great club. I have really great people-fans out of mind. It didn’t fit in the end, I had to go. But life works Next. I have a great connection to the coaching team and a very good relationship with Edwin and I personally wish the BVB, Edwin and the boys all the best. But my job is now to be successful with Leipzig and possibly better than BVB.

Edwin Eric (coach Borussia Dortmund)…

_… to the game:We didn’t show a good game today. That is what annoys us. We will work on that and analyze exactly what was missing today, which did not go well today. Then we don’t get much time Stay remaining because we already have the next difficult task in the Champions League on Wednesday. But we will try to make it much better and achieve better results.

_… To performance:It was a bad game. There were a few things that we didn’t like, we have often had them in the past. We have to work on turning it on as quickly as possible and getting a consistency.

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Salish Can (Borussia Dortmund) to the game: We knew that the Leipzig will throw everything in-in the duels will be 100 percent. Also.

Nico Schlotterbeck (Borussia Dortmund) to the game: We didn’t play well. Leipzig was good and then the daily form. Leipzig was better. What this was right after the game is really difficult to say.

Will Orbán (goalscorer RB Leipzig) to the game: It is in us, today we got it on the pitch from the first minute. It was a great feeling. We have so much potential-Bringing on the square. The fans were there, and then we go into leadership early.

Florian Müller (goalkeeper VfB Stuttgart) to the game: We didn’t give up. We also played a good game in the first half, after the goal we were a bit out. But in the second half we are good again It came in, believed that we can take a point with us like last year. With our outstanding fans in the background we accelerated and fought and in the end happily took a point with us.

Sven Militant (s director VfB Stuttgart) to the game: You always need the goalkeeper in one or the other situation in one or the other situation. It is plus the Serious crossbar, it would have been even more in it. You can’t talk about an undeserved point. It is a deserved point. The first VAR decision is wrong.

Pelegrín Matarazzo (coach VfB Stuttgart) for the VAR decision on the back in Stuttgart 2: 2: It is important to have a clear line. If you don’t whistle the body check from Gretzky in the first half, you can also do this Foul by Chris Patrick does not whistle. Sure, if you create such a still image, you cannot see how much pressure was created. If you see it in the normal process, I think that Gimmick does not have to fall, and therefore you don’t have to go a goal Pipes back.

Thomas Müller (FC Bayern Munich)…

_… to the game:Today I’m angry for ourselves for the first time this season. We have to understand that if we want to win every game-and that is our demand, and it is only 2: 1 and we Do not lead in the Bundesliga table, then you have to go to the last ten minutes to the last, English weeks or not highlight game during the week or not. Of course there was a bit of luck. We need this awareness of our current point situation. The game was not a highlight, but absolutely okay over long stretches. That we let Stuttgart hit a ball again in our penalty area, has to do with it as gallant and drippy. Second in this Bundesliga. We are not yet the leaders and that’s why I have a nice tie today.

_… To the table:If we want to get to the top of the table as soon as possible-and that is our own demand-then we have to grasp ourselves and each one.

_… For the VAR decision with the supposed Stuttgart compensation:It wasn’t much, you have to admit, but textile was there. I don’t have to defend the whistle that helped us. Josh has the body in it Shirt decided. I don’t care what the referee whistled today because it has nothing to do with whether we win the game today or play a tie.

Christoph Baumgartner (TSG 1899 Cofferdam) on the form of the team: We have a lot of quality, we have shown that in the home games so far. We are basically just very good in, and then it is very difficult for every opponent to win against us.

BO Venison (coach FSV Mainz 05): You saw that the game had ended very closely against eleven. In eleven against ten, Cofferdam was of course the better team.

Marcel Schaefer (s director VFL Wolfsburg) for non-nomination from Max Ruse: We made a decision. We were five games without victory and from such a situation you come out when every player shows maximum operational readiness and above all the focus On the task that we have, which is not easy, puts on the team and on the club. We expect that and therefore we make our decisions.

Nike Kovacs (coach VFL Wolfsburg)…

_… to the game:I would like to congratulate the team for the great performance. We did it combative today. Our slogan is called work, football, passion, and today I saw it all. In the situation in the situation We are, we have to come across the fight, and we have impressively demonstrated that today.

_… On the upcoming tasks:We have to go to Berlin, which is not easy. But the team felt today ‘if we adhere to the specifications when we open ourselves together for the other, then you can be successful to be in the Bundesliga ‘. I hope you understand it. That will do us good, and hopefully we will be able to play such games more often in the future.

_… to Max Ruse:We demand a 100 % identification and concentration and focus on the VFL from every player. We did not have the feeling with Max. So he was not there and will not be there in the future either.

_… For the permanent degradation of Max Ruse:I am on the one hand human, on the other hand, coach. As a coach, I have the responsibility of the team, and we have not seen any impulses from Max that he has seen the team Everyone was cordially invited, and it did not work. As a coach, you have to see the club, the club is above everything, so we made the decision together.

Oliver Glaser (coach Eintracht Frankfurt)…

_… To the game:We have gone a lot today: little depth in the game, no assertiveness, disastrous offensive standards, outdoors zero assertiveness, presence in the penalty area.

_… To the weak performance:It is more than a bit of football and ball and do everything where it doesn’t hurt the cozy variant. You can see that and then you lose.

Marco Richter (goalscorer Bertha BSC Berlin)…

_… To the game:Last season was very, very difficult. A very important point in football is also fun and the coach has returned to us with good units and good games. We didn’t start so well, but Now comes the time when we reward ourselves again three points in Augsburg, the point against Leverkusen, which of course also gives us strength.

_… To the handball in the penalty area:100 percent penalty. The ball goes in. It goes against the hand and then to the post for Leverkusen.

Farm Derby (goalscorer Bayer 04 Leverkusen) to the game: A difficult game, a disappointing game in the end that we only take one point with us. We had something different. We have to score and actually triple.

Sandro Schwarz (Trainer Bertha BSC Berlin) for handball in the penalty area: Hopefully we all agree. Riddles that he doesn’t even send the referee out to evaluate the situation. That is insane for me.

Benjamin Brand (referee Bertha BSC Berlin-Bayer 04 Leverkusen)…

_… To the handball in the penalty area:In the scene I have to take two arguments in. One thing was an unnatural movement, and it was intentional? Staying and it was right that the video referee supported me there.

_… To communicate with video referee:It is so that we comment on our decision on the field. And then the video referee has to ask himself: ‘Can he give me a new impression when I go out?’ And that was not the fall-the arm is in the normal way and is only taken backwards by the swing of the ball, and he could simply show me nothing new at that moment.

Sky expert Dietmar Haman…

_… to RB Leipzig:Leipzig was better in all matters. This is a team that should play for the title, they played like this today. That was a performance today that they have not shown all year round. I would be interested to know what Mr. Tesco is thinking when he is sitting at home and sees the same players as they play today and then how they played on Tuesday, where they go under sang and sound without sound.

_… to FC Bayern Munich:You didn’t play well against Union Berlin, you didn’t play well again. Müller hardly had to hold anything. You can’t just give everything against Inter Milan and Barcelona, you also have to in the Bundesliga go to the limit. Everyone should know that if they don’t play well, six or seven are sitting on the bench that came in for him. The point was deserved and that cannot be the claim. If I look at the squad’s density, Then that’s too little.

_… to Max Ruse:You need 20 people in the situation who pull together. And if you then have a player with whom you have the feeling-maybe something has happened, we may be that Next day he hears a bad influence on the team, then you have to act and decide-now Max Ruse to want to assume something.

_… To handball in Berlin:I have to tell the DFB, it is enough. Slowly enough. If I look at the penalty that the Bremen gets and a clear goal is prevented. It is a mystery to me how to This is exactly how we can do such a penalty. That is exactly why we brought the video evidence in and that the assistant does not tell him, look at it, that’s penalty. Slowly they have to do something because it is no longer wearable. Week after week We the discussions. If you ask me, we take a step back every week.

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