Idols guide at Splatoon 3

Idols guide at Splatoon 3

Idols are not a novelty in Platoon games. Even in previous releases of the game, you saw some idols such as Kali and Marie. But in Platoon 3, a regular duet is now a trio of Fry, Shiver and Binman, known as Deep Cut. In this guide you will find all the necessary information about all three idols in Platoon 3.

what is the role of idols in Platoon 3

As in the previous Platoon issues, idols are conducting a news show in Platoon 3. The PRATTVILLE news program, which is conducted by idols in Platoon 3, is called anarchy .

The news program will give you information about the rotation of the combat stages and some announcements of the mansion . The change in the news in Platoon 3 is that they will be background and will not interfere with your game process. Idols will also choose a certain side to support during Splat fests, and you will do the same.

list of idols

Now, in order to simplify the process of choosing an idol, we will tell you about all three idols in Platoon 3 so that you can choose the one you like.


Achiever is a naughty idol with purple hair. Her nickname Tamer Sharks is because she has earrings with a shark’s teeth. Shiver dress is inspired by traditional Japanese aesthetics that you will see in the dancing and songs of idols.


Fry is one of the most erratic idols in Deep Cut, who loves to dance and hunt for treasures. The shawl she wore also lights up when the music of Deep Cut plays. She can become your favorite because of her individuality.

Big Man

A large man is a big story mark that differs from the other two idols in Platoon 3. He cannot speak like two other idols, but we will receive a translation of his actions in text fields. He has a nice look, and he monitors fashion, like other participants in Deep Cut.

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