Action RPG BATORA: Lost Haven, where a girl travels in space to save the destruction Earth, will be released overseas on October 20! The choice greatly affects the fate of the universe and life

Team17 has announced that the release date of Storming Games’s action RPG Baton: Lost Haven has been decided on October 20, 2022, local time.

This work depicts a story in which players choices greatly change the story in various planets. Villi, a 16-year-old hero living in the UK, departs for a spectacular adventure in space with the power beyond the given person to save the earth, which is destroyed by a sudden catastrophe.

April uses the two power of the sun and moon to confront the standing enemies and gimmicks. Also, in the unknown world adventure, there seems to be encounters and exchanges with various creatures. Let’s overcome the harsh fate of the player’s choices that affects the fate of all universe and life, and reveal the secrets of the universe to save the earth.

BATON: LOST HAVEN will be released on October 20, 2022, for PC (Steam)/overseas PS5/PS4/Xbox Series X | S. It will be distributed soon for overseas Nintendo Switch.

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