[ Moon Byung-soo reporter] Representative Ha Tae-hyun (national power) will discuss ways to improve the system of verification of the game in collaboration with the Korean Game Law Book Society at the 8th meeting room of the National Assembly Hall at 3 pm on the 23rd.

It is pointed out that the ‘meandering game’ defined by the current Act on the Promotion of the Game Industry (hereinafter referred to as the Game Act) should be comprehensively dealing with the ‘regulation and punishment special law (hereinafter referred to as the Act)’, not because of the crime. Have. The purpose of the game law is industrial promotion, which is that excessive regulations are inevitably caused by the purpose of punishment for the distribution of illegal meandering games, which causes damage to normal games.

For example, the Game Water Management Committee (hereinafter referred to as the Game Committee) is operating a pre-system system that allows for distribution after confirming whether it is meandering to all games. However, the actual problem is that after the game is distributed, there are many criminal offenses due to post-follow-up, such as businesses such as PC rooms as gambling.

To prevent these side effects, the Game Commission has strengthened its follow-up function. For example, check out all the contents of the game to prevent the game that is closed after death and prevents gambling. In addition, it is also studying projects to establish a national management network in all businesses such as adult PC rooms and entertainment rooms. There is a criticism that the follow-up and follow-up system is not effective and only increases the inefficiency of regulations.

But there is no way to game. The game commission is only a semi-leading organization that classifies the game, and it is adopted by the idea of checking all the contents of all the games to prevent distribution of meandering games as it cannot collect or monitor the illegal act of illegal acts like an investigative agency. I have no choice but to do it.

In order to improve this situation and compensate for the system, ▲ Transfer the definition of ‘meandering game’ under the Game Law and to establish a deliberation committee to complement the meandering performance confirmation system ▲ The law will be established by the law to clarify the regulatory management target, and to discuss ways to increase the effectiveness of the use of meandering acts by establishing a provision of punishment for participants.

Representative Ha Tae-hyun said, If you do not accurately diagnose the problem of the game law, the slot machine case in 1990 and the 2006 sea story will be prescribed every time an accident broke out, and the vicious cycle of moaning the industry and game users will be repeated. To fix the game method that has become a rag, it requires a full revision of the meandering game system.

In addition, We have developed a pledge as chairman of the Game Special Committee in the last presidential election, and we will be responsible for the game policy of the ruling party, so we will propose all the amendments to the game law soon. I will do my best.

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