New Cloverfield movie is announced

New Cloverfield movie is announced

For a while since having a new film from the Cloverfield franchise, as its first part became one of the most beloved action experiences. However, no other news were given regarding their production, but this has recently changed when confirming that the project already has its director.

It is mentioned that Baba ANVAR , who worked at Under the Shadow, is chosen to shape this next filming, same as he will go hand in hand with the script of Joe Barton . It is worth mentioning that there are no more details about the tape, so waiting for a next premiere can be further than we imagine, perhaps something aimed at the year 2025 .

One of the last updates arrived at the beginning of 2021 , with a report that said that Barton had joined the series to write a script. At that time, the tape was announced as a direct sequel to the original 2008 movie and would choose not to adopt the film’s cinematographic style. This was under the point of view of someone with homemade camera.

Nor has anything been mentioned related to the type of film that will be, emphasizing whether it will be released in movie theaters or if it will appear on streaming platforms, that happened with The Cloverfield Paradox in Netflix . It focused on an adventure in space and, when a mission goes wrong, all the laws of physics are apparently fading.

For now, the news will gradually arise.

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