Disney Dreamlight Valley: Find iron ore & craft iron bars

Disney Dreamlight Valley: Find iron ore & craft iron bars

In our iron guide to Disney Dream light Valley you can find out:


  • How you craft iron bars
  • Where you can find iron ore and carbon ore

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How do I craft iron bars in Disney Dream light Valley?

In order to craft iron bars in Disney Dream light Valley, you need iron ore and carbon ore. An iron bar costs you five iron ore and a coal ore . Go to a workbench for crafting and select iron bars under refined material.

If you don’t have your own workbench yet, you can simply use them in Roberts or the before Goofy’s house on the peaceful meadow.

If you want to do Goofy Quest The Mysterious Wrack , you also need hardwood (guide) and clay in addition to iron bars. Our linked guides for Disney Dream light Valley tell you how to get the materials quickly.

Where can I find iron ore and carbon ore?

You can find iron ore if you break down the black stone deposits on rock walls with your pointed hoe. However, Eisner only occurs in the following areas:

  • Forest of bravery
  • Clearing of trust
  • Sunny level
  • Icy heights
  • Forgotten land

Whether you will find iron ore during the mining depends on chance. If you have broken down all stone deposits in an area, you have to wait awhile until they spawn again. Meanwhile, it is best to go to another area and searches for iron ore .

Coal ore you also get from the stone deposits. However, it is not linked to certain areas, but can be found in any region of Disney Dream light Valley.

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