This year, the platform national will be replayed –

This year, the platform national will be replayed –

The National Assembly’s audit aimed at information technology (IT) platform companies is expected to continue this year.

Along with Near BAE (Never, Aka, Coup ang, and Delivery), accommodation and luxury platform heads have been confirmed or adopted as major standing committees.

According to the related industry on the 28th, the National Assembly’s Small and Medium venture business committee (Santa Committee) is expected to summon Choir Soo-yeon, the representative of Never, to the Small and Medium Venture Business Department and the Patent Office. In the case of Never, the founder Lee Heroin, a global investment officer (GO) and Han Songbook (currently representative of Europe), were summoned.

At that time, Lee Heroin, GO, attended the National Science and Technology Information and Communications Commission (over defense) to prepare a win-win plan for small business owners. CEO Choir Soo-yeon, who took the Never baton earlier this year, was adopted as a witness related to Never Pay service.

In addition, Never Jet Kim Daewoo, a metals platform, Hereto operator, is the Cultural Sports and Tourism Committee (Culture Committee) on the 5th of next month, and Park Angevin, CEO of Never, who served as the former chief financial officer of Never (CFO). The Fair Trade Commission will be in order.

Nam Gung-hoon and Hong Sub-task, the representative of the FTC, were also applied as witnesses. Representative Nam Gun is expected to receive a question for the expiration date of the expiration date for KakaoTalk gifts. Hong, who oversees the Aka environment, society, and governance (ESG) business, is expected to be offensive for win-win management.

Kim Bamboo, the founder of Aka, Future Initiative Center, sat on witnesses three times, as the controversy over the alley infringement caused by the expansion of the octopus business last year. At the time, Kim emphasized that he would establish a virtuous cycle of social responsibility and platform ecosystem.


Aka Mobility, a Aka taxi service provider, is also in the national sentiment for two consecutive years. Last year, Aka Mobility, CEO of Aka Mobility, appeared in the disadvantages and industrial stations. This year, BYU, the vice president of AHN Kyffin, was included in the list of Witnesses for the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport.

Coup ang and BAE Min representatives were also a witness. Last year, King Hansen, CEO of Huang, attended the National Assembly’s deputy committee according to the issue of paying suppliers, and this year, newspapers are expected to continue with checks for preventing distribution centers and improving the working environment. Chung Jong-cheol, CEO of Coup ang Pool Film Service (CFS), was adopted as a witness of the Ministry of Employment and Labor on the 5th of next month.

In the case of the nation of delivery (Begin), he predicted attendance two times. Kim Buffoon, CEO of BAE Min Management, was attended last year. Kim will be asked about win-win growth in the Santa Committee this year and the delivery rider industry disaster at the Wanna.

The travel platform industry was also summoned by the Culture Committee. On the 19th of next month, the Culture Commission adopted BAE Ocean Canola and Jung Byung-soo as a witness. Kim Byung-soo, a member of the people, will focus on the issue of illegal acts and excessive fees to both representatives. The two representatives attended the same reason for the same reason last year.

The luxury platform was also selected as a witness of the FTC. Choir Byung-soo, CEO of Alan and Park Byung-soo, a representative of Trend. The FTC reportedly conducted a field survey of Alan, Must It, and Trend headquarters in May and examined allegations of violating the e-commerce law. In addition, Kim Tae-hyun, a carrot market representative, will also be summoned to the National Administrative Safety Commission.

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