From the backstory of the sophisticated rear view of The goddess of victory: NIKKE to the new information that is likely to get angry with the SIE of Stellar Blade, Kim Hyun -tei is directly hit! I also asked professio

Kim Hunter, who emerged in works such as Magna Carta and Blade and Soul, led the development company SHIFT UP and created Destiny Child. Game fans are most known for character designers and illustrators, but they often hear their success as SHIFT UP representatives and game creators.

The official service of Kim Hunter, the latest service of victory goddess: NIKE of SHIFT UP, which is also a producer and illustrator, is gradually approaching.

This work depicts the harsh battle of girls, Nike, created by humans who have been chased by the ground, with a gun shooting. It has a variety of charms, such as the beautiful Nike drawn by Kim Hunter, the post-apocalypse world view that is impressed by the crisis, and the strategic game that makes full use of the accurate Aim and members.

In addition, the shooting attitude of Nike and others turned their backs generously showed their curves’ beauty, and the screen composition in the battle was also a big topic.

At the Tokyo Game Show 2022 exhibition booth, we showed that we were attracting a long line, such as having a long line in a trial player. This time, we will conduct an interview with Kim Hunter and Yew Hyun-seok, who are deeply involved in development in order to quickly step into the charm of this work, which is the official service, and approach the essence.

In addition, I heard about the PS5 software STELLAR BLADE , which Kim is directed, and may be angry from Sony…? Such information has been revealed one after another, so please take a look.

■ How was the novel rearview of The goddess of victory: NIKE was born

── First, please tell us how they are involved in the goddess of victory: Nike.

Kim Hunter (hereafter abbreviated as a title): In The Goddess of Victory: Nike, I am in charge of producer and illustrator.

Yew Hyun-suk (hereafter, the title omitted): I am in charge of the overall direction design and direction in development.

─ This work has attracted attention in various ways, but in Japan, the back of Nike on the battle screen has become a big topic. Does the response reach your ears?

Kim Hunt: Actually, there is such a reaction not only in Japan but also worldwide, and the response has reached here. The users noticed that point.

This is the battle scene of The goddess of victory: Nike, which has been talked about, but let’s talk about how it became this shape.

In the first place, four years ago, we held a 100 million won prize-winning contest to recruit new games in our company. At that time, the first place was the work that led to this goddess of victory: Nike.

──It was a work that started with open recruitment for the company.

Kim Hyundai: However, unlike the current design, the plan was a screen configuration that performs an aim with the composition seen from the side. However, I wanted to show the posture that hides in the shield and shooting posture in general TPS games, and as a result of how to express it beautifully in 2D depictions, I came to the current composition.

It was a composition that arrived after a year in search of better expressions.

Kim Hunt: No, the idea of the composition itself flashed immediately after seeing the project at the time. It took a long time to embody the idea and express it in a high-perfection, so our staff spent a lot of effort.

I have played this work at the Level Infinite booth of tgs2022. I was fascinated by the fascinating Nike and others, but at the same time, the attacks from the enemies were intense and said, I want to see it, but I have to defeat the enemy (laughs).

Kim Hunt: When the battle starts, you may not be able to afford to look at the character. First, play as a game and feel the fun there is that it is basically and important.

However, not all game modes in this work are busy. Occasionally, there is a mode where you can enjoy playing with AI, and players can enjoy the characters. I hope you enjoy it with various play style.

You Hyun-suk: I will talk about the mode that can be enjoyed in this work in detail. In multiplayer mode , you can play with other users. In addition, in highly difficult boss battles, there is also an autoplay mechanism that can be automatically cleared on stage that players themselves focus on gameplay, and on stages that are not so difficult.

It is one of the features of Victory Goddess: NIKE that you can enjoy the character, where you have time to look at the characters and have time to concentrate on the battle.

──I think it’s a game that has a lot of attractive points, but please tell us about the fact that you are particular about gun shooting, visuals, and worldviews.

Kim Hunt: As for the visuals, there are few traditional 2D games that make the rear of the character look beautiful, so I think this is an attractive factor. In addition, there are many games in which characters become SDS in the battle scene, but this work can be enjoyed with life-size battle.

You Hyun-suk: In terms of battle, we have devised a mechanism of operations suitable for mobile environments. There are points that use long scrolling vertically or focus on the ease of operating one-handed. I thought from the perspective of What is the best operation when enjoying a shooting game on a mobile device?

One of the commitments is that firearms are differentiated. For example, a launcher can attack many enemies with one shot, but a sniper rifle is ideal for attacking distant enemies.

And by preparing various content, you can enjoy the world view of this work from various angles. Such a variety of expressions is one of the particular parts.

Kim Hunt: There is also an element like a so-called base outpost base , where each character can show various aspects and deepen the bond with them. We strive to enjoy not only visuals but also various content.

─ In the trial play, a chat (message) arrived from the character, but is there a good volume for that part?

Kim Hunt: The text volume is quite large. For example, I think the amount of text is comparable to a large MMORPG or open world. We are still promoting to be developed to deliver such dense stories in the game.

And in communication with Nike, there is a one-on-one chat, but there is also a group chat with multiple Nike’s. The exchange there is interesting, and you can enjoy the charm and the story of the Nike.

I am worried about what is going on the design of one of the Nike lap, especially the structure per lower abdomen.

Kim Hunt: At first glance, it looks like a normal skirt, but it’s actually like mini Congress that is hidden only before. Other parts are hidden with equipment, etc., so if you look closely, it will be a very impactful costume. You noticed (laughs).

──It was a very eye-catching part, What’s going on? Sorry for the strange question (laughs).

Kim Hunt: If you look back, you’ll be even more surprised (laughs).

── The fun after the official service has increased one more (laughs). I heard that it is a work that contains various content, but when the official service starts, how will the content continue to develop?

You Hyun-seok: I think it is important to add a sustainable story . The main content called the campaign will be added, and the event story will be added. In addition, Guild Battle will be added as a large content.

However, Guild Battle does not perform joint strategy in real time with many players. Playing with multiple players in real time is because we judge that the user will be more stressful. Therefore, I think that it will be a form of discussion with the guild members and challenging the boss battle. In addition, we plan to add characters, costumes, and battle mode.

I heard that there are also online elements, but is it only in the same country that players are connected? Or will it be divided by region, such as the Asian region, or can players around the world be connected?

You Hyun-seok: The server cannot be told to the details, but is divided by country and region. If players cooperate, Japan will be in the form of Japanese users and Korea in Korea.
However, since the client build is the same, all users around the world can enjoy the same experience.

。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。 In the case of this Goddess of victory: Nike, what kind of play will you feel?

You Hyun-seok: Basically, it’s a short or some long-time play, which can be enjoyed in either. Based on that premise, it will be a game where you can concentrate on it to some extent and enjoy it over time.

It should take about 1-2 hours a day if you enjoy the battle scene, the communication with the characters, and the story drawn. However, there is also a mechanism that allows you to play a time saving for players who do not spend so much time, and in that case, I think that the daily cycle can be completed in about 20 to 30 minutes.

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