Play Minecraft 5 years and lose everything for Permadeath

Play Minecraft 5 years and lose everything for Permadeath

Imagine playing a video game for five years, getting a good progression and surviving innumerable dangers so that everything goes to the gate in a thousandth of second . This is bically what h happened to the streamer Phil Watson (Phil on Twitch), which h seen how his 5-year game to Minecraft vanished on the blink of an eye.

Watson played in Minecraft hardcore mode, which means that he not only had permanent death activated, but also a single life and much more powerful enemies than usual. Although his streaming w not too popular-a dozen spectators-the death of his character h gone viral.

The shock of losing everything

In the first two minutes I did not believe that I had died for something so stupid, Phil admitted in statements to pc Gamer. After that he reached the downturn, but also the time to sume what had happened . I ended up talking with a lot of people in the chat. We could have done this different, we could have done that different.

The Game Over screen accompanied the streamer during the next hour, while he wforted by the spectators who had accompanied him that night. The night I spent very much depressed . I didn’t even want to look at Minecraft, just go to bed. I didn’t want to listen to the sound of a zombie, he drained emotionally.

The next day he followed the usual routine of him, but soon realized that something had changed: his character’s death had vitalized. Suddenly, they called him from Denmark, and he received calls from friends from Germany who had seen him. Then, The BBC and other media contacted him to capture his story.

Phil streaming no longer have 12 or 15 spectators, luckily. Now it emits for about 180 spectators. Support h been incredible. No one knew about the world, about what we did until death.


Minecraft is available on systems such PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, PS4, PS5 or Nintendo Switch.

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