Meguro Meguros GUNS UNDARKNESS crowdfunding -Acquisition of more than 15 million yen, three times or more of the target amount

The kick-starter campaign of the stealth strategy JRPG GUNS DARKNESS , which is handled by Shoji Metro, who is known as a composer of the Persona and true Goddess Tense series, has been 48 hours until the end of the kick-starter campaign. 。

This work is a strategic JRPG that combines stealth elements and turn-based command battles in the future world. Players will be a new member of the BTI Alpha Team in a 2045 private military company and do their mission with their colleagues in the devastated world after the nuclear war. It is a story that focuses on the characters, searching for the true love of fighting for human innovation.

The kick-starter campaign, which started on September 13, exceeded 4.2 million yen of initial goals. At the time of writing (October 13, 2022, 0:36), more than 1,500 backers have been supported by 15,042,214 yen. Rewards limited to the campaign for backers include a private concert ticket held in 2023, where Metro performs live performances, and a special vinyl with the GUNS DARKNESS soundtrack.

The GUNS DARKNESS kick-starter campaign is being held until 1:00 am on October 15, 2022.

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