Where to find Merlins blue furniture in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Where to find Merlins blue furniture in Disney Dreamlight Valley

There are many quests in the Disney Dilute Valley that challenges in different ways. This time you have to work as a margin of Scrooge.

During the quest, the client knows better you should buy blue furniture for Merlin. Then deliver it to Merlin to complete the quest. The whole point of buying furniture is that your customers are satisfied. Read this guide to find out everything about buying blue furniture for Merlin.

How to buy blue furniture for Merlin?

To buy furniture in Disney Dream light Valley, you first need to unlock * The client knows better quest, having completed the previous economy 101 * quest.

To unlock the quest The client knows better, you need to fulfill the two requirements indicated below.

* Merlin It is necessary to unlock in Disney Dream light Valley.
Your friendship with
Scrooge Mack *** should be at 2.

Merlin can be easily unlocked, as this is one of the characters that you unlock at the beginning. After you started the quest, The Client knows better, you must talk with Screwy.

He will ask you questions that you will have to answer to advance in the quest. Answering the first question, you can answer Merlin ordered something blue. For the next answer, select the option He wants to put furniture in his office.

If you answer both questions correctly, Scrooge will tell you to bring Merlin blue furniture for his office. To complete this purchase, it will also give you * 2000-star coins *.

The location of the blue furniture Disney Dream light Valley

Blue Furniture is the name of the Disney Dream light Valley virtual furniture store. You can easily get access to it by going on the menu, and then to the Furniture set tab. After completing all the above quests, blue furniture will be unlocked.

There are three sets in blue furniture: blue chair, blue table and ice throne . To fulfill the quest, you need to buy any of the blue furniture items to give them to Merlin.


In the Blue Furniture store you can buy * ice throne for 210-star coins *. The purchase of blue furniture for Merlin can be performed for 2000-star coins that Scrooge gave you. Your next task is to deliver blue furniture to Merlin.

After that, you can return to Scrooge and tell him that blue furniture was delivered. After that, the quest The client knows better will be completed. You also unlock the Forgotten Combine quest after the completion of this quest.

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