Hawks killed best Jeanist in My Hero Academia? Explained (spoilers)

Hawks killed best Jeanist in My Hero Academia?
 Explained (spoilers)

The Arch of the Paranormal Liberation War of My Hero Academia is full of revelations and great moments. Key players finally collide after years of preparation, the main characters face their ultimate end and fans’ favorites return to the fold after surprising turns in the plot. That last in particular is probably the way he found his way to this guide, since an important question has been tormenting his mind as he advances in the arch: Hawks killed the best Pianist in My Hero Academia? Or was a trick?

Fortunately for you, we have read everything the series has to offer, and we can provide you with a hermetic response. However, we will have to cover the material that is only available in the manga, so be careful: there is spoilers forward.

Did Hawk killed best Pianist in My Hero Academia? Answered

To start, it is worth saying flat: Hawks did not kill Best Pianist in My Hero Academia, despite how she could have appeared when she was allowed to enter the paranormal liberation front.

Instead, Hawks told Best Pianist what the new and improved league of villains wanted him to do and offered an alternative plan that occurred to the Public Security Commission. This plan would see Best Pianist in a state of death before being delivered to Dali. From there, Pianist’s body would be recovered and revived in a safe place, after which Best Pianist would have to remain hidden.

He did it until it was safe for him to return to the scene and help the heroes in his operation during the arch of the liberation war. This also came with the additional benefit of recovering as much as possible from the injury he suffered while fighting All For One during Amino’s incident, although he is still limited in what he can do due to the permanent loss of a lung of this battle.

Hawks brought Dali Best Pianist’s real body?

With all this in mind, the reality of what Hawks brought Habit in My Hero Academia is finally clarified and how he entered the paranormal liberation front.

Hawks really delivered Best Pianist’s body to Dali, and his state of death left Dali sufficiently convinced to allow Hawks to enter the organization. Then, Best Pianist’s body was hidden in a safe place to be revived, and Hawks could carry out his mission without even killing a professional hero.

Hopefully this is clarified whether Hawks killed Best Pianist in My Hero Academia . To get more information about the series, see any of the articles related below. We also have many other anime contents to see, including lists of the best anime sensing, the best anime rivalries and the best anime fights.

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