[Todays Steam] This cat will be discounted 20%, Stray

[Todays Steam] This cat will be discounted 20%, Stray

cyberpunk cat stray, loved by deacons around the world, is back. It started the first 20% discount since its launch, ranking second in the world’s best sales chart.

This discount is the first 20% discount except at the time of launch. Since its launch in July, Stray has long been the number one steam sales chart with its unique charm, spreading its unique charm. As of the 14th, the steam user evaluation is still overwhelmingly positive (74,432 people, 97% positive), and this sale is expected to increase further.

Stray is an adventure game that deals with the adventure of exploring various places to escape the strange city. It is characterized by a cat’s actions, such as entering a box or scratching them.

As the game has been well received, various user modes have come out in succession. You can see affection for stray cats by increasing the number of modes registered in the Nexus mode, the mode sharing site, from 80 to 200.

Stray discounts will continue until the 21st, so if you haven’t purchased the game yet, you may think about it.

Meanwhile, other games with sale as well as Stray entered the rankings. rainbow six siege ranked 5th with a 60% discount, Fora Horizon 5 was 6th with a 30% discount, and Tales of Arise was ranked 7th with the first 60% discount.

In Top 20, the best concurrent user, Dead By Daylight rose to 12th place with 67,598 concurrent users. rainbow six siege, who is discounted, ranked 20th with a maximum concurrent user of 45,875.

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