The legendary scarlet and purple pokemon mounts are seen in a new video

The legendary scarlet and purple pokemon mounts are seen in a new video

The Pale region is presented to the new coaches with a new adventure and many creatures to catch. The open world of scarlet and purple Pokémon will allow us to explore villages, cities and inhospitable are, so sometimes it will be useful to get on the back of one of our animal friends. The legendary frames have been shown in a brief teer trailer , which you can see on these lines.

Portion and Myrmidon are the two legendary Pokémon of this ninth generation. The first of them, similar to an iguana in its forms, attracts attention for its resemblance to a motorcycle. It h wheels like a vehicle and is able to fly. Meanwhile, Myrmidon combines a robotic appearance with a form that resembles that of a dragon. It h propellants on the hind legs, so that it can also be driven quickly.


These two Pokémon will not only allow us to travel pale by land, but will also become ships and flying creatures depending on whether we advance by land, sea or air. Of course , we can also use them in combat and show off other coaches of the power of our battle companions.

on November 18 on Nintendo Switch

pokémon scarlet and Purple will go on sale next November 18 exclusively for Nintendo Switch. If you want to know a little more about this expected delivery We recommend you take a look at our first impressions. Before its launch we will offer you the corresponding analysis.

The Pokémon Company recently presented a new ghost-type Pokémon , nothing more and nothing less than Brevard, a kind of dog with a candle on his head. Brevard is very affable and, when someone pays attention to him, he is so happy that he is where he is. However, he also absorbs little by little and without realizing the lives of those around him. You can read all the information about this news.

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