How SF Horror gives realism… Calisto Protocol

How SF Horror gives realism…
 Calisto Protocol

The classic IP re-creation has now become a card to touch all the developers. Forgetting, one of the big classic remakes, remasters, formal sequels, and mental inheritance are presented one by 1. Germany’s shocking (?) Market statistics, which estimated the average age of steam users at 38, seemed to be accurate.

The name of the star developers who developed the classic masterpiece as the Newer trend also rose. Attention is also focused on the new projects they lead. It is natural and natural to focus on the industry’s attention on the new Callisto Protocol of Dead Space.

There was a chance to experience the imminent Callisto Protocol. The PS5 console was able to experience the main system by playing about 50 minutes in the middle of the game. While faithfully inherited the advantages of Dead Space, the independent depth is seen together. Let’s find out together.

※ Screen shots are included.

Two brothers like brothers, but…

Dead Space, launched in 2008, is an indispensable title when talking about the present of the survival horror genre. Dead Space’s mechanic depth and dense horror have become a good sample for reference by junior games of the same genre.

Thanks to this, a lot of good survival horror that connects the lineage has been released a lot, but if you limit it to the sub-genre of SF, it is hard to find a title that will face your shoulders. For this reason, when the Callisto Protocol is released, many users are trying to compare both games. EA’s Dead Space Remake is also scheduled to be released at the same time as ‘my’ is suspected.

The two games perfectly share the opening of the three-person survival horror against the closed space. The intersection is so large, but in fact, Glens Schofield himself wants to separate and evaluate the Callisto Protocol and Dead Space.

In the past interview, he said, It is true that both games are made because they are made because they were made by me, he said. I emphasized.

Alting in a new unit

There is a view that the era of the 9th generation console (PS5, Xbox Series X) has not been able to stop until the current time, which has entered the second year of its launch. The reason for the claim is that there are not enough titles that use excellent hardware performance properly. On the other hand, Callisto Protocol is noteworthy that he attempted a sensational fear with a realistic video/audio production that can draw the hardware potential of both consoles.

This is also in the direction of directing the game. Snowfield said in an interview, The attraction of SF Horror is to take people to a place where you haven’t been anywhere. And when setting up a space, it is a new and new and user to be reliable. In line with this, the game strives to give a sense of view of the viewer while taking the background of the heterogeneous space of ‘space prison’.

For example, the clear sense of space of 3D audio successfully pushes users in the extreme situation of the main character Jacob. The effect is especially prominent in the scenes of crawling in a narrow passage, and the sound feedback that is rebounded to the main character’s movement is as if the user himself is not-Jacob-the user himself is a sensational illusion.

Excellent environmental descriptions are also a device that effectively creates the fear of ‘exist but cannot be seen’. Occasionally, the enemy is invisible. Knowing that the enemy has been in front of you, it is often developed, or it is often developed as an enemy, or it is often developed.

Monster that is not a name, but is scary

Biophage, the monster name of this work, is a real biological term, meaning ‘organism that lives with other organisms’. However, the demo play volume does not show the habits that match the name. Most biophages prefer to hit, step on, spit (?), And more traditional forms of violence.

As in Dead Space, the design used the body order (a sub-branch of the horror genre that causes fear with distorted human depiction). It induces fear and rejection through lively gray-white skin, twisted body, and extreme deformation of certain areas.

‘Tentacle’ is a gimmick that further strengthens the charm of biophage. In the body of the biophage during the battle, tentacles protrude randomly. At this time, if the tentacles are not attacked quickly, biology transforms into a larger and stronger object in front of the eyes. It keeps tensions in front of the relatively weak individuals.

Meanwhile, unlike Mesomorph of Dead Space, which had the main feature of ‘limb cutting’ as a major feature, biopsies shows more detailed animations and gore directing. This is a change that enhances reality and freedom compared to the battle with Mesomorph, which has repeated the gimmick of ‘quick treatment through limb cutting’.

However, it is not only biomass that has been exposed to Gore Hard. The main character’s Death Scene directed in the Dead Space series is also in Callisto Protocol. The various death scenes that the crew made by referring to the actual accident video capture the appearance of Jacob, who is killed in all kinds of creative ways.

Although it is an area that will be greatly divided, it is difficult to treat the crew’s sadistic aspect. The cruel death scene is a mechanism that makes users more feared and avoided with Jacob’s death. It effectively raises the concentration of fear that can only be diluted because of the third observer.


Let’s leave a distance

The protagonist Jacob is a cargo ship knight and a prisoner of black iron prison. Jacob, who has no weapons knowledge or combat skills in a prison where the monster is unknown, is just struggling to survive. The firepower that can be held in hand is also poor. Like the stun sticks or pistols used by the guards, they must deal with enemies with weapons that are more suitable for self-defeats (at least in the amount of experience). At the same time, it is a powerful gravity grip (GRP).

In the battle of the game, the system of the system is emphasized. The stunning rod of electricity is not an inevitable emergency means, but a main weapon that can cope with various situations. Even the ammunition supply is limited, so there is a more recommended use (forced) to be used.

This situation of direct body with the monster provides a distinctive sense of crisis and action that is hard to feel when overpowering the enemy at a distance. The realistic character animation made with motion capture helps the real ‘fighting scene’. It is also a passage to guess why most enemies are designed as human type.

There are many combat mechanics such as evasion, blocking, weakness attacks, and weapons connection. Since Jacob’s maximum number of attacks can withstand 4-5 times, if you want to proceed smoothly without dying, you should use this mechanic appropriately. On the other hand, the health recovery item is deployed at the right interval between the battle and the battle, and the save point is generously distributed, so the gameplay progress itself is not great.

Avoiding and blocking are activated by entering both sides or rear commands in line with the enemy attack timing, which is quite generous. If you do not adjust more strictly in the official launch, you will see the possibility of reducing the overall game play difficulty and combat interest.

The grip is a powerful tool that can blow up things to damage or to hold the enemy directly. It is also possible to link the enemy and then add a melee attack. Even if you actively use the grip, the difficulty of battle tends to be significantly reduced. Instead, it is set to use a resource called ‘battery’ to prevent abuse.

You can upgrade weapons and armor from the upgrade station in every corner of the prison. This is used as a ‘Callisto Credit’ obtained as an item rooting. Among the upgrades, there are many types that strengthen various figures such as firearm damage, but there are also mechanical upgrades such as adding attack technology, which will add diversity to battle.

Slow, carefully, or fast and magnificent

Lastly, the narrative delivery method is the most change compared to Dead Space. Unlike Dead Space, where you have to follow big story, Callisto Protocol encourages users to find a breakthrough through reasoning and observation.

This way of finding out what to do by referring to Jacob’s self-talk, visual hints, text and audio logs in the map is close to a classic survival horror grammar. As a prisoner, he does not know the big picture of the case, and it fits well with the situation of Jacob, which has to survive with the fist and the apparatus.

There are also several ‘trap cards’ using a rather linear game development. The enemy comes out in line with the timing of pressing the door open switch, or the body that the body, which was thought to be a background, is a bit obvious-but almost always eats-horror elements are arranged so that there is no boring bird.

On the other hand, compared to the preparation of various narrative puzzles, the overall activity is a great regret in repeating the cycles of ▲ passage ▲ movement ▲ battle ▲ puzzle ▲ passage search. However, repeatability is a problem that will withhold judgment before checking the total game volume. Experience in the experience section and experience in different sections can be made. In addition, the atmosphere, structure, and events of each place are all different from each other, and the boredom from repetitions is significantly reduced.

There is also a spectacular action production that contrasts with the play of careful breath. At the end of the experience, I was able to play the sections that survived by avoiding obstacles by flowing down at the end of the sewer. It is a type of sequence that has been steadily followed in Triple A action games such as the Uncharted series and the Tomb Radar series, but thanks to the well-established atmosphere and quality, the thrilling and immersion are all different.

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