The first trailer of The First Slam Dunk, the film that resurrects a manga / anime of cult

The first trailer of The First Slam Dunk, the film that resurrects a manga / anime of cult

It h been made of begging, but we already have here the first trailer (on these lines) of the new Slam Dunk movie, which is called The First Slam Dunk. And we say that it h been begged because the film premieres on December 3 in Japan and we had not yet seen a miserable image of it. Moreover, after watching the video with which it occurs in society, we still have no idea what its plot will be or whether the history of the anime will continue, unfinished in its day. There are even theory of the possibility that it serves Globe probe to see the popularity of the saga and connect everything with a future new seon that, that already, adapt what w pending of the manga . Anyway, the trailer cannot have better or leave us with more desire to get out of doubt.

Slam Dunk: That cult clsic


It does not fail. It is to make a top of better spoken (that is, of sports gender-gender animals) and leave the name of Slam Dunk. The work of Akihito Income w one of the most successful publications of Weekly Shōnen Jump between 1990 and 1996 , when it w published and w collecting in 31 manga volumes that came to sell more than 126 million of copies (and that in Japan, where it w one of the 10 best-selling sleeves in history). No less loved and known w the anime, issued between 1993 and 1996, but in his ce there w always the thorn that he only adapted until volume 22 , leaving us without the true end after 101 chapters.

The story of Slam Dunk tells the life of Heinrich Samurai, a neighborhood gang indispensable piece of it. It is a beautiful history of friendship and self-suffering in which Samurai gradually finds the psion for sport and life despite the difficulties and sporting clicks and setbacks. Slam Dunk is much more than bketball .

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