LOL: Elyoyas frustrated signing by G2 Esports and the young star that will arrive to replace it

LOL: Elyoyas frustrated signing by G2 Esports and the young star that will arrive to replace it

Although the year of G2 eSports has not been particularly negative and the club even proclaimed European League of Legends champion in spring, the organization has decided to carry out important changes for the next season. The march of Flanked and Janos was announced, which they say goodbye to a squad from which Targets will also leave. However, not everything was going to be low and the rumors soon moved. Recently we knew that Hans Samey and Mike will occupy the Bot Lane, and everything indicates that there is already relief for the jungle. An interesting signing that, although interested in Eloy , has ended up signing Like . Less poster, of course, but also with a brilliant future ahead

The new signing of G2 eSports for the jungle

Martin Sundering, better known as Like, is a player of Swedish origin about to turn 22 who has confirmed his meteoric ascent as League of Legends. At the beginning of 2021 he militated in the French Second Division, signing the following season (2022) with LDLC. From the hand of this club dominated the LFL, winning both in spring and summer. Regional championships that could not ratify with a European Masters, but that has served him to monopolize the interest of G2 eSports. Although not as the first option, the team would have had among its maximum priorities for the jungle.


LEC Woo loo, who has decked the signing in his social networks, also reported on the intention of G2 eSports to get Eloy. According to its sources, The Samurai team would have offered up to 800,000 euros to MAD Lions for the transfer of the Spanish jungle. However, the club would not be satisfied with that amount and G2 Esports did not want to raise the bid. A situation that translates into a somewhat more risky signing, but that could offer a great reward to what is still the most successful team of the European Legends League.

With these movements, The G2 ESports team could already be closed facing the start of the 2023 season. CAPS seems immovable in the quintet and there are no rumors regarding a possible Broken blade movement. A great transformation that is always good to complete in time for the pieces to settle and begin preparations for the next campaign as soon as possible.

Recapitulating, the squad would be composed of the following players…

Top lane : Bergen Celia, Broken blade (22 years)
Jungle : Martin Sundering, Like (21)
Mid-Lane : Rasmus Regard, Caps (22)
Bot Lane : Steven Liv, Hans Samey (23)
Support : Michael Merle, Mike (24)

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