Mass Effect: The 10 most difficult missions of Legendary Edition

The Mass Effect trilogy is famous for having a huge amount of missions in your games. Making them all consume hours and hours of gameplay. In this article, we listed the 10 toughest missions of Legendary Edition taking into account the insanity mode.

Of course, the Shepard’s chosen class can influence the difficulty of certain phases. Another factor that gives variance is the choice of weapons and Squad Members selected for each mission.

In our gameplay we import Commander Shepard from 1 to 3. Soldier was class played on Mass Effect 1 and Mass Effect 2, while Sentinel was selected in Mass Effect 3.

1. Dossier: Archangel-Mam Effect 2

  • Squad Member Indispensable: Miranda Lawson (Overload and Warp)
  • Squad Member Suggested: Based Assani (Assault and Sniper)

It seems surreal that one of the first Mass Effect 2 is the most difficult in the insanity mode. It is precisely because you have a few weapons (even more so if you are not Soldier) and powers without up , that this mission is utal at the beginning of the game.

Dossier: Archangel is relatively short, but usually becomes long for the amount of times you will fail . It has mechanics that are usually headache in games: Life bar in allies and team separation .

Upon finding Harris Bavarian (Aka Archangel), several waves of enemies begin to emerge. Positioning from afar makes it difficult for classes other than Soldier and Infiltrator. Harris ends up damaging this part of almost endless waves of eclipse. The icing on the cake is a Ymir Much (but you can hack before, facilitating the battle).

After that, you should decide whether to leave a Squad mate with Harris or not . When leaving, Bavarian will lose less life, but you will have more work by having only one Squad Member for the next part. If not, your life will be easier, but Archangel will take a lot of damage before you return.

To repel Blood Pack’s attack, it is necessary to close two doors (while Harris is damaging elsewhere. The right door is a hell to close. The area has Warren, several porches and ogans, all with Armor .

The problem is that cleaning the area calmly is difficult by the pressure from Harris’s life decreasing. And trying Rusher to close the gate is also problematic by the various enemies. Very shot, ogan in Blood Rage, Warren invisible biting you… To make matters worse, the door takes a few seconds to close and process can be interrupted by enemies.

The left door is quieter as long as you be careful with pro hidden behind the corner. Upon returning to Harris, he will be with little life (probably) and fighting two ogans. To close with a golden key, we have to face a helicopter to finish Dossier: Archangel.

two. Priority: SUR’kessh-Mass Effect 3

  • Squad Member indispensable: Harris (overload, Assault and Sniper)
  • Squad Member Suggested: Lara (Warp and Biotic Combos), James (incendiary ammunition) or EDI (Overload and Incinerate)

Once again the mechanics of dealing with life bar giving the air of grace. Now the task in priority: SUR’mesh is to protect the elevator that takes a survivor ogan (later called Eve) while Cerberus attacks.

Enemies focus a lot on causing damage to the transport and the life of the Pod quickly descends in Insanity. Meanwhile, Cerberus’s doormats are strong, fast and love Smoke grenades , making it much difficult to kill them quickly.

The crème de la crème is the final battle. Eve’s elevator will have already taken a good damage, and when we arrive at the last to, several Cerberus will already be shooting in the pod. Kill all before activating the button because things will get worse. A Atlas Enough to leave Priority: SUR’mesh even harder.

Staying in front of transport is almost certain death for Atlas. Circulating the arena to avoid the giant robot is also complicated, as in addition to leaving Atlas with open field for Eve, Shepard can be surprised by Cerberus soldiers who continue to emerge.

3. Priority: Earth-Mass Effect 3

  • Squad Member Indispensable: Lara T’Son (Warp and Biotic Combos)
  • Squad Member Suggested: James Vega (Carnage, Incendiary ADMIRATION AND GRANADA)

Despite not having a big boss, the final mission of Mass Effect 3 has a particular part that is unbearable . Priority: Earth starts in a controlled chaos, many visual elements, but only a few challenging utes.

The great difficulty comes before the famous part of Marauder. Shepard and friends have to defend the area to use a missile. They are waves and more waves and more waves and more waves of enemies.

The beginning is quiet, only Husks, Cannibals and Marauders from North. The problem begins when radio information warns to be careful on the left. From there appear two banshees (I hate banshee). In addition to the standard danger of this enemy, Marauders and Cannibals will give Respawn infinitely until the banshees die.

Calm that gets worse. After a scene, six utes (which appear in pairs) arrive at the battlefield along with a Harvester . Do not use Hydra yet, although it seems tempting… because, yes, will get worse again ! By the way, staying in the field open is dangerous because of the laser instar kill of reaper

After eliminating the Harvester, the worse part of the fight will start . A horde with two banshees (I hate Banshee) will emerge, and the ideal is to kill one with Hydra. Next to them, 3 or 4 Marauders will also emerge, creating chaos on the battlefield.

Here the strategy is more running and staying alive than killing enemies, as when a target is deducted, a replacement gives spawn almost instantly. Killing a lot will only make new Full Life enemies appear.

The torment only ends after long minutes, until EDI says that the missile is ready for use. Run from where you are and activate the button to launch the projectile on Reaper. Show I said I hate Banshee?

4. Horizon-Mas Effect 2

  • Squad Member indispensable: Grunt (incendiary ammunition, concussive shot and a lot of life)
  • Squad Member Suggested: Miranda (Warp) or Morin (Incinerate)

Horizon is the first mission in which we fight the Collectors . Enemies that apparently are nothing special except for the protections with Barrier . Unfortunately, they soon become a headache.

You are already received by a scion that looks like a bullet sponge. As we will quote a lot: calm that gets worse! For some Collectors are possessed by Harbinger . In addition to Barrier and Armor , Harbinger is very aggressive, and the power released by him can give Stun and take Shepard out of cover .

Not enough, the final part of Horizon already starts with two scions together , while Husks hinder the movement through the arena. After activating the defenses, several husks of Husks will appear from all corners (there is no 100% venue), together with Collectors that are possessed by Harbinger all the time.

Closing the torment, a Praetors appears to fill your patience. The enemy is very resistant in the insanity and it is too laborious to take the protections of barrier and armor of the monster.

5. Virire-Mam Effect 1

  • Squad Member indispensable: anyone with overload
  • Squad Member Suggested: Anyone with Warp or Stasis

VIRILE could be much harder if you had a Squad Member’s life bar that is far away during the mission. Fortunately this is not the case here, but still Virile enters the Top 5 of the most difficult missions of Mass Effect.

If you have problems piloting Make, I don’t even need to lengthen in this part, right… Virile’s difficulty is nothing much (overall), the problem is the last phase of the mission. The way to San and the fight against the boss can be unbearable.

Even Mass Effect 1 not having the problem of ending ammunition, this part is very difficult. To get to San you need to face many Get and ogans. Enemies are aggressive and can reach you in a few moments.

But the big problem is the battle against San. The fight in AA tower is more easy than in bombsite for two reasons: the cover in the elevator and the salary support . There are many Get (including Prime) in both places and San is flying back and forth. In the Legendary Edition the fuel tanks were removed .

Staying inside the elevator is usually a good way to recover Shield, but there is a possibility of being trapped. So be careful. The Squad Members love to die in this part, so you will also have to be on nanny while 10 enemies appear on the screen.

6. Priority: Rannoch-Mass Effect 3

  • Squad Member Indispensable: Harris Bavarian (Overload)
  • Squad Member Suggested: Ashley Williams.

At first, Priority: Ranch looks like a quiet mission where just eliminates Get from a safe distance. Well similar to Mass Effect 1, inclusive. But everything changes in the part just before the boss.

Shepard & Friends will have to deal with 3 Get Prime at once. In order to be able to circulate in the arena and get the weapons Get Spitfire , it will be necessary to go through an enemy, as each one comes through a corridor.

If Tali is on the mission, the sabotage power gives a little time to go through a Get Prime. But the process can fail several times because enemies are very aggressive and leave Shepard easily stunned .

This battle can be defined as really insane in insanity mode. You will be without shield and with little life several times. Although Spitfire is good, you need to stay out of the cover for a long time to shoot it… which can cause some Shepard deaths.

7. Priority: The Citadel II-MASS Effect 3

  • Squad Member indispensable: Lara (Warp and stasis)
  • Squad Member Suggested: Harris (overload) or EDI (overload and incinerate)

I, particularly, always liked missions in Citadel, so Priority: The Citadel II starts wonderfully for me. However, love is over, and the mission becomes hell in a certain part.

After Kai Long overthrows Shepard’s transport, the mission becomes a chaos in Insanity mode. Two new enemies are presented at once. Nemesis , sniper who takes shield with an always accurate shot; and Phantom , extremely fast melee enemy that has sword hit kill.

This two news can ing down your Squad Members very easily. Combining forces with Cerberus’s normal troops, the battlefield becomes chaotic, and it is difficult to know who first focus on.

To top it off, the next part arrives a atlas . The space for the fight is small, as there are more Cerberus as you advance. Of course the fight contains 839 smoke grenades to make your life even more difficult.

The Golden Key is the elevator part, where you will be trapped in a very short space with Phantoms ready to give hit Kill on you. Congratulations to the genius who thought uhm, it will be fun here!

8. Reaper Iffiness Effect 2

  • Squad Member indispensable: Grunt (fortification and incendiary Ammo)
  • Squad Member Suggested: Miranda (Warp and Cerberus Tactician)

Doing REAPER IFF IN INSANITY WITHOUT GRUNT is a task for crazy. The mission plays a lot of husk , abomination and scion on top of you all the time! Enemies hunt you tirelessly and there is not much safer cover (which lasts a long time).

So/ the ideal is simply to order that grunt go ahead with fortification active and draw the attention of all enemies. While Shepard and another Squad mate are supporting from afar.

Of course the sons spoils this a little because they are so strong that they can easily ing group in a few seconds. Therefore, it is advisable to have as much as measured as possible.

Two parts are extremely annoying. The first is where we have to open a door . Theoretically, it is possible to open and leave the area without killing an enemy. In practice, it is almost impossible because you will always take damage and reset the opening process.

There are many enemies and there is no safe cover in the area. The way is to put Grunt as bait again and pray for him to die a few times until the scion is eliminated. This part can easily be done when using the Heavy Weapon M-920 Cain , but it is better to keep it for the next part.

This is because the end of the mission joins hordes of enemies with a timing to shoot at the core of the place. The room has small passages and there is no cover . You will need to run back and forth, avoiding enemies until the core open.

The process needs to be repeated a few times. By tight paths, it is easy to get stuck in corners, objects and even Squad Members. So the most comfortable way is simply shooting Cain in the core , finishing Reaper IFF instantly.

9. Priority: Cerberus Headquarters-Mass Effect 3

  • Squad Member Suggested: Lara (Warp, Studies and Singularity)

Priority: Cerberus Headquarters naturally has many waves of Cerberus troops that were seen throughout the game. Will have engineer planting current all the time, centurion playing smoke even in the mother , explosive grenade spam etc.

Many paths give in blind spots, making it difficult to find an ideal cover. You will have to expose yourself to take the shield generators and try to go back to coverage before obliterated by grenades or turns.

But the big problem is in Priority’s final boss: Cerberus Headquarters. The fight against Kai long in insanity yields the mission a top 10 of the most difficult phases of Shepard trilogy in Mass Effect.

It was not enough to be very resistant and shortening the distance all the time, hordes and hordes of Cerberus troops fill the battlefield. The cover is in a hole in the (beautiful) arena, which makes navigation difficult.

It is complicated to focus on other threats, but whenever possible give priority to eliminate nemesis and phantom first. You will probably spend a lot of time running and looking at the life bar instead of enjoying one of the most beautiful scenarios of Mass Effect.

10. FERNS: The Thorian-Mass Effect 1

  • Squad Member Suggested: Anyone with Singularity, Warp and/or Throw

They are two complicated parts in heroes: The Thorax that put this mission as one of the most difficult mass of Mass Effect, considering the insanity mode. The first is more for those who be to be Paragon and save all colonists .

This is because the settlers will be transformed into the midst of creatures. To do not kill them , it is necessary to use grenade equipped with anti-phorian gas . But the amount of the item is limited, and it is difficult to concentrate with both animals on the screen .

So if you want to be renegade and shoot and explode everything ahead, you will have a quiet life in this part. But if you want to be Paragon , you’ll suffer a little to stay alive while you can’t shoot Zhu’s Rope’s colonists.

The second complicated part is the end of the mission. You will have to destroy several nodes, while hordes of creepers and Atari clones attack you from all sides. Avoid Rusher a lot as this will activate more enemies.

Fortunately, Atari clones are less appeal at Legendary Edition than the original ME 1. Even so, the mission can be hard, especially for low levels. Ir without biotic and no shotguns powers can make this mission very frustrating.

If Mass Effect 1 had theThermal clips scheme equal Me 2 and me 3, ferns: The Thorax and Stare much higher on this list Top 10. However, with infinite ammunition and Squad Members with various powers, this mission turns out less difficult than it would be in other games.

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