Ibai challenged Pique to fight on evening 3 against Joaquín: I dont see myself with gloves

Ibai challenged Pique to fight on evening 3 against Joaquín: I dont see myself with gloves

IAI Llanos h just interviewed Gerard Piqué, the Central of FC Barcelona that announced his throat and that is already officially former Barça player. During the talk, the Bque influencer h invited him to participate in evening 3 , the end of the year event in which different personalities beat in boxing fights. Llanos would like him to fight against Joaquín Sánchez, and what h been Piqué’s response? Bically, you don’t see the gloves on.

I know it is impossible, but I have always dreamed (and if I had not dreamed it would not be where I am). I would also love, in addition to the context of your situations, Gerard Piqué against Joaquín Sánchez , said the streamer in reference to the already former player and the still footballer of Real Betis Balompié. Piqué h reacted with a laugh, before IAI continued to express his wishes.

And I think people would love it, it would be something historical. The influencer comments that he would like Joaquin to be because is an uncle who like us and because it seems that she retires in June. Llanos recalled that it is not possible to have active players, since they are prohibited: They can’t even play live paddlers.

Piqué’s response: No at 99%

The place where it will still be celebrated is secret: Gerard Piqué against Joaquín Sánchez, in the place where we can do it, and there you say what I told you… the place is not closed, but you are a daring uncle, give him a lap. Piqué h responded that he h not hit anyone in life and that he does not see the boxing gloves on.

Boxing taken in the evening is not an unpleant violence , IAI clarified. It is a controlled sport. The former Barça player, anyway, h not completely ruled out this possibility, although almost. I don’t tell you no, I never tell you no, but 99% no. And he added the following: To me compete against Joaquín or against whoever, if I don’t care: Bus, Ramos, Arabella… It doesn’t matter, names have come out. I don’t see myself with gloves .

IAI Llanos h confirmed that will not travel to the World Cup in Qatar with the National Team because it does not come out of the balls.

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