Final Fantasy XVI director speaks of lack of diversity in the game

Final Fantasy XVI director speaks of lack of diversity in the game

In recent days new news from final fantasy XVI has emerged, it is mentioned that the development of the video game is practically nothing to finish after having many months of silence. And while fans are excited with the proposal, there are some others not very happy that seek an answer to the lack of presence of certain communities.

Last week, the director Naomi Yeshiva addressed the lack of diversity in an interview. Mentioning that it fits the isolated nature of this kingdom, emphasizing that the main inspiration is medieval Europe.

Here is your comment:

Ultimately, we feel that, although the incorporation of ethnic diversity in Vanished was important, excessive incorporation in this unique corner of a much larger world could end up causing a violation of the narrative limits that we originally established for ourselves. The story we are telling is fantasy, yes, but it also has its roots in reality.

It can be a challenge to assign distinctive ethnicities to the antagonist or the protagonist without triggering preconceived ideas at the audience, invite unjustified speculation and, ultimately, enliven the flames of the controversy.


In the end, we simply want attention to focus less on the external appearance of our characters and more who are like people: complex and diverse people in their nature, background, beliefs, personalities and motivations. People whose stories we can resonate. There is diversity in Vanished. Diversity that, although it does not cover everything, is synergistic with the environment that we have created and is faithful to the inspirations of which we inspire ourselves.

It is somewhat contrasting that this kind of thing happens, since final fantasy XIV is also directed by Yeshiva , and in adaptation you can create your characters from the skin tone that you like. For its part, there are other icons of the saga such as Barrel, so removing diversity in XVI could mean some points against.

The game will arrive in the summer of 2023 . For PS5 and PC.

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