Rhythm Mini Game Collection BITS & BOPS Steam Page Release -Kick Starter will start soon

Rhythm Mini Game Collection BITS & BOPS Steam Page Release -Kick Starter will start soon

On November 11, the Australian indie blooper Tempo Lab Games has released a steam page of the current rhythm game Bits & BOPS .

This game is a single play work that includes multiple rhythm games.

STEAM store page released before the start of kick-starter

In the first quarter of 2022, it was scheduled to start a kick-starter campaign to seek development funds, but it turned out that the outlook was later, so to make a good preparation again. Decide the postponement. Although the start date has not been announced by today, the new Steam store page of this work has been released as part of the preparation.

The game itself will include more than 20 mini-games that are said to be easy to get familiar with even for rhythm game beginners with simple operations and can be enjoyed by veterans.

Development team

The header image of the Twitter profile from the program of this work is Evan Andrews, who is conscious of Rhythm Heaven. Mr. Sorry, who worked on music such as Connection , participated. Mr. Matthew Chin, who worked on the movie Mortal Combat released in 2021, was in charge of Rose Hammer, who worked on American anime channelnicolodon’s Rise of Mutant Turtles. It is said that there is.

The release date of Bits & BOPS , which attracts the cuteness of the character, is undecided. The kick-starter campaign is scheduled to start in 2022 at this time. The target platform is scheduled to support the console after the release of the PC.

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