Naruto manga could indicate Akatsukis return

Naruto manga could indicate Akatsukis return

Many know that Boru to is the clear sequel to the famous Naruto manga, which is the prominence of the eighth Homage, and although things are in a quiet moment, there is a quite interesting spin off. This focuses on alternative missions of some characters, this time there is talk of Takashi, Gas and assumes daughter.

A new story emerged in Naruto chapter: The Steam Ninja Chronicles. The series has finally become manga. Same that puts Takashi in the center of the stage, and his new mission with Gas and Mira could be more difficult than necessary, since they will travel to the Earth of the steam, where the only Katsuki is alive.

For those who do not remember this subject, his name is Hid an, and he was born in that village, and his devotion to Jasmin made him almost immortal. Discontent with the pacifist forms of his country of origin, he decided to become rebellious and join Katsuki. Among his victims was Tale, a character who served as one of the great Joining and son of the third Homage.

The loss of this Ninja was worse when the fans were told that her lover Eugenie was pregnant and that her daughter could never meet her father. Now, she is in a mission with Takashi on earth where she fell. So it is being thought that somehow this will seek revenge for what the village of the sheet did to him at the time.

Little is missing for followers to know the outcome.


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Editor’s note: It would be interesting to see Hid an back to settle accounts with Sonora. However, it would have been better than instead of Gas, Hikaru had been chosen as the companion.

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