Pokemon Scarlet and Violetta – FuecoCo Final Evolution

Pokemon Scarlet and Violetta – FuecoCo Final Evolution

If you have problems choosing a starting character in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet, pay attention to this tiny crocodile with big dreams. Fresco loves to sleep on warm stones and play with other Pokémon in their free time. But Fukuoka will not forever remain a tiny crocodile, so you may be wondering what its final evolution looks like. Here is a short guide to satisfy your curiosity.


What is turning Fresco into Pokémon Scarlet & Violet

Fukuoka evolves into Skelediru at 36. Skeledirge-a fiery/ghost-type Pokémon with an evil look and a more evil firepower. He is very capacious with moderately high SP. Statistics of the attack, which makes it the best starter even compared to other generations.

The best movements for skeletirge in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet

  • Torch song or flamethrower
  • Shadow ball
  • Earth force (TM)
  • Roar, Hex or Hyper Voice ™

Due to its unique type, Skewing is weak, strong or immune to a certain type. The only exception is the electric, flying, mental and dragon, to which it is neutral.

Because of this, a set of movements of Skewing needs great light. Shadow Ball, in particular, is one of the best techniques for covering in the game. In the end, the movement of the type of ghost have only a few disadvantages. In addition, his Shadow Ball receives an attack bonus of the same type (Stab) because Skeledirge belongs to the GHOST type.

The best that Natures Skeledirge can get Modest or Sassy, depending on the type of assembly that you want to give it. He can double as a protective Mon or attacking. The choice is yours!

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