How to delete bots in CS Go

How to delete bots in CS Go

The very first thing you wish to do is open the console with the default keyboard faster way, being ~ once you have opened, type MP_Limit teams 1 and press Entry. As soon as you have deleted them, this operation ensures that no bot can reintegrate the video game.

Going into these orders on the console in CSGO will eliminate all the bots from a personal match and ensure that they do not sign up with again.

You will desire to remain in the console and go into Bot_kick to erase each boot from the card. If you wish to delete all the bots on one side, type Bot_kick CT or Bot_kick T according to the side of which you wish to erase them.

Most of the time, gamers do not desire boots on the card. Naturally, if you are a brand-new gamer attempting to learn the ropes, they can be a useful tool to get ready for genuine gamers. In most scenarios, bots are an undesirable existence. Today we will see how to eliminate all or part of the bots from a private CSGO meets.


Bots in Counter-Strike: Global offensive can be a genuine hassle in private servers. Whether you are searching for a brand-new grenade point or a new line of view, the bots generally interrupt your personal matches. A.I. is put both on the terrorist and counter-terrorist side, which implies that they belong to your team anyway.

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