5 tips to help you become a better Splatoon 3 player

5 tips to help you become a better Splatoon 3 player

With Platoon 3 preparing to launch your first important update, it is time to make sure your Splat skills are on par with the rest of the colorful competition. Other inklings are improving every day and if you want to keep up, these are useful tips that will show you how to become a better Platoon 3 player and crush the competition.

Pine as many walls as I can to get tactical advantages

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The painting is the source of all movement in Platoon because you will slow down when you move on unpainted areas and slow down and harm terribly when you move on enemy ink. To help mitigate that and create a territorial advantage for your team, be sure to paint vertical walls whenever you can. Most players ignore the walls and only paint them when they need to climb them.

This is also critical for Tower Control. The next time you play in that way, pay attention to the tower, and you will see that your team will probably ignore the side of the tower that looks at the enemy team. This is a big mistake because it makes it easier to go up. Always paint the four sides of the tower to stop and hinder the opposite team.

In the heat of the battle, this could mean your ending or that of a teammate if you try to escape and splash you trying to paint a wall that is blank or covered with enemy ink. Now imagine if you or your teammate run towards that wall and is already painted; That second fraction could make a difference.

When an enemy runs to the wall and has to paint on your ink, he has to waste time painting and will have to be more precise when climbing because he will slow down and damage if he begins to touch the painting that surrounds him. In general, this is a good habit that you must incorporate into all your game modes as soon as possible.

Be a lure or a distraction for the advantage of your team

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In general, it is a bad idea to be splashed during the battle, since the time that takes you to reappear can be expensive, and that is a less inkling to put painting for your team. However, depending on how well your teammates are doing and the game mode, you may get an advantage for your team or expand the advantage if you become a temporary lure and attract the other team to try to crush yourself. The natural instinct of all Platoon players is to slap an enemy when they see it, which means that they can momentarily forget the goal in a way and try to slap you.

Use this for your advantage and attract opponents away from a Splat zone, controlling the tower and your teammates. This tactic becomes incredibly effective if you can keep more than an opposite inkling busy while trying to chase and crush yourself. Most likely, the longer you can avoid being splashed, more frustrated and distracted the enemy will be. And every second they try to splash you is a second lost trying to achieve the goal.


Dominate multiple weapons expand knowledge and skills

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There is nothing wrong with having your favorite weapon or your main option, but no matter how good player you become, having only one or two weapons in your repertoire can be an obstacle to you. It is definitely a good idea to start with one or two weapons as you learn the game, but after having spent a good amount of time, it will benefit you to expand your familiarity with more weapons.

As you learn to use more weapons, you can understand how to play against opponents that use these weapons, and you can identify the strength of each weapon and use it for its advantage on a given map at a given time. Fashion.

memorizes alternative roads and direct accesses on the map

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This advice can work in all game modes in Platoon 3, but it is more important in Rainmaker mode, since you need to know what are the available routes to reach the goal. There are always at least two opposite routes to take the Rainmaker to the control points and the finish line, and you must also guide your team for the best route or know which path they are taking to help protect them.

In addition, if you take the time to explore each map, you can find ways to jump through platforms or climb walls to reach new map areas that did not know they were accessible, opening new strategic positions and ambush roads.


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All players must understand the importance of using equipment that has four slots full of skills, but you can go further with new adjustments made as they concentrate on a specific role. If you can constantly play for a team composition, then you can maximize this strategy to its maximum potential. Having a specific role and fulfilling it will make the game modes easier to navigate and improve your ability in that area. Most Platoon 3 players already play one of the two most popular types of roles and do not even realize.

For example, it can be a dedicated splash who lead the first line and aggressively attacks the other team with a single goal in mind: to achieve Splat eliminations. If you can prevent the other team from having all its players on the map at the same time, they will be less effective in general. You will also be responsible for fighting the splashes of the other team, anyone who has the Rainmaker and the enemies in Splat Tower. Most Splatters will use short-range weapons such as dual, cans, splatter shots and spleosh-o-matics, but long-range snipers can play paper with the same ease.

When equipment equips, you will want to have the punishment as your priority, followed by increasing your main ink tank, fast reappearance, stealth jump and fall roller to enter faster and sure battle. Most Platoon players assume the role of splashes naturally, but a complete splashing team can easily lose if they cannot paint the map.

Another fundamental role is the painter, which is a support role that focuses on helping the team by placing as much paint as possible to make the movement easier for your team and more difficult for the enemy team. This is the main way to play a territorial war, but in other ways, it can make a difference when the other team does not have a dedicated painter and is trying to reach a goal or crush your teammates. In the battle, inklings will not be able to maneuver efficiently when they are constantly surrounded by your paint and if their weapons do not have the painting output to keep up with your paint weapon, it will be extremely difficult to have any type of map control.

When you play this role, you must choose a weapon that paints a lot and may be able to splash or have a strong special movement that also benefits your team. The examples include the basic crossbar that spreads the paint quickly and broadly but does not splash completely well, even the rollers that deposit the paint more slowly but have excellent splash potential. This is a critical role because the team that controls the map will be the team with the best chance to win.

In case you have not tried Platoon 3 and ask yourself if it is worth it, read more about the game here and make a decision quickly! With these tips in mind, you will know how to become a better Platoon 3 player and crush the competition. Stay up to date with DLPRIVATOSERVER for all your information from Platoon 3, such as the new Chill update that will bring a lot of new changes to the game. Now put them in practice, keep away from the hook and do not cook!

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