Petition to make Days Gone 2 reaches many more signatures

Petition to make Days Gone 2 reaches many more signatures

Currently, PlayStation fans consider that there is a game that was not valued as much as it should be, and that is Days Gone, development of Blessed Studio that did not reach the sales that Sony expected. After listening to anything from a sequel, fans began gathering signatures to show their interest, and apparently there has almost been a new important milestone.


In the request that is still in force on the page, it can be seen that at this time the 200,000 signatures are almost reached, which would be confirming how much a second part is sought. Although with these Sony numbers it might not be so interested, after all they are looking for millions and not just thousands of copies.

This is what he says in the description of the petition:

There are millions of people who want Sony PlayStation to approve Days Gone 2. I want all fans to sign this request. They cannot simply disconnect such an incredible game that it ended with a suspense.

For those who have not tried Days Gone, this is their synopsis:

Days Gone is a title developed by Bend Studio and distributed by Sony exclusively for PlayStation 4. It focuses on the history of Deacon St. John, a thug biker who learns to survive at the end of the world.

Remember that the game is available on PS4.

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Editor’s note: I also consider that the game is quite fun, at all a Got, but it arrived in a year that we should wait a lot to launch Death Stranding. Anyway, Blessed Studio is occupied for now, so we will have to wait.

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