EA Sports College Football 24 update reveals new video game modes, release window

EA Sports College Football 24 update reveals new video game modes, release window

EA Sports College Football 24 is expected to be the first game in a restored yearly reboot of the NCAA video gaming series, and we have actually finally got official news.

Here’s everything we understand up until now about the expected release date and game modes for EA Sports College Football 24.


EA Sports College Football 24 gets two verified video game modes

On top of that, in what may be a much more exciting detail for some fans, Roadway to Glory will return as the single-player Profession Mode experience.

Dynasty Mode, the full-team Franchise Mode comparable previously seen in the NCAA Football series, will be back in EA Sports College Football.

Long time fans looking forward to the return of the previous NCAA Football gaming franchise will require to continue to hunker down for the long run, but there’s at least excellent news on the horizon.


In a brand-new interview with ESPN, EA Vice President & GM Daryl Holt revealed 2 classic video game modes are validated to return to the EA Sports College Football debut.

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Extra details like having real coaches in the video game, Madden integration for imported draft classes, and other elements were not shot down however stay unconfirmed.

Holt stressed that advancement is much and still ongoing is still to be determined, but likewise said the plan and intent is to include real college football gamers.

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It was likewise greatly stressed that the EA Sports College Football series will not be a Madden clone despite utilizing the very same engine, and obviously there’s even internal competition in between the advancement teams working on these separate projects.


NCAA Football reboot release date delayed another year

After the failure of WWE 2K20 and additional restrictions of the worldwide pandemic, 2K Sports cancelled WWE 2K21 and later on postponed the WWE 2K22 launch an extra 6 months due to press from developers seeking to ensure a quality release.

Early reporting by Matt Brown of Additional Points detailed files which meant EA Sports College Football 24 showing up as early as July 1, 2023.


This presses things back a complete year, however it’s actually perfect news when it comes to the possible quality we’ll see from this NCAA Football revival.


The delay here for what might wind up being called EA Sports College Football 25 offers designers significantly more time to aim for a quality launch with the best video game modes possible.

However, that might have been a bit of optimism on those early contracts, and in actuality EA has now verified a targeted release in summer of 2024.

We’ve seen in the last few years how important that extra advancement time can be, particularly when it comes to WWE 2K22.

Maybe the news that will be most discouraging to many fans is that EA Sports College Football 24 is now targeted for a launch one year behind at first anticipated.

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