World Cup Best between England and Wales

World Cup Best between England and Wales

The preliminary round group B won the later semi-finalist Wales with 6 points, England (five points) continued in second. In order to have a possibility for the group win this time, Wales (up until now one point) with at least 4 objectives would need to win a difference against the rival.

Prior to the last group video game, memories of 2016 are awakened in the two countries when England and Wales in Lens in French satisfied at the European Championship. Gareth Bale, who is still there, put his group in the lead at the time, however England turned the game from Jamie Vary and a last-minute goal by Daniel Starring.

England’s balance is positive: So far, 68 games have actually been won against the Welsh, and there were 21 draws and 14 beats. Only versus Scotland (115 games) did the 3 Lions play more caps in their history.


For the 104th time, England’s nationwide soccer team will fulfill Wales on Tuesday (8:00 p.m.). The duel in Al-Hasan in Qatar will be the very first conference of the two British rivals at a World Cup.

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