How to get Reminiscent Drift Domain at Genshin Impact Interlude, Chapter III

How to get Reminiscent Drift Domain at Genshin Impact Interlude, Chapter III

Interlude Chapter: Act III-Inversion of Genesis completes the first main storyline surrounding the explosion, closing what happened to the scarab after he could not become God.
In the quest segment called the final of the Kabukimonov, they should enter the domain called the drift of memories, where you are watching the wanderer when he restores memories from his past life.

Passage Genshin Impact Reminiscent Drift Domain-all locations of chests and puzzles solutions

Before entering the domain, be sure to take a combat team with you, since you will have to defeat the fatty inside.
At the entrance, the wanderer will restore the first segment of his memory, and then you can explore it.


Go to the crack in the floorboards and use it to go down one floor down.
Double doors will open as soon as you approach them.
The robbery is a common chest inside, then slide down on the tatami.
Interact with the switch at the post.
As soon as this is done, head to the pantry in front of the tea table and follow the path until you enter the room with the electric room.
The robbery is a common chest inside and go to the next room.
Go down the stairs to find a dark room with a green portal.
Enter the green portal to teleport to the next segment of the wanderer’s memory.
After the dialogue, you can continue the research of the domain.
Go through double doors and enter a large empty room with another green portal.
Enter the green portal to continue.
Use a heavy attack to break a folding screen that blocks your path to enter the room filled with fate shooters.
Defeat them, then pay attention to two screens in the room.
Break them with a powerful attack to open a common chest.
As soon as you finish, go to the next entrance to find a room filled with elect, where you will experience the next memory of the wanderer.
Fatuiskihi shooters will appear again.
Defeat them so that the green portal appears.
Enter the green portal to experience the next memory.
Having done this, go into another green portal to run the cut-scene.
In the next segment, you have to defeat the eternal Lord of the Sorcerer Wisdom, using a wanderer and his newly acquired ANEMF Vishnu.

Use its elements’ skill to soar in the air, and massage ordinary and charged attacks until his spontaneous explosion is ready for use.
Since the battle is single, be careful, avoid boss attacks.
You can consume food from your inventory.
After the battle and the subsequent dialogue is completed, the domain will be completed, and you can continue to fulfill the rest of the quest.
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