PlayStation would be working on a river reboothed

PlayStation would be working on a river reboothed

Many wonder what will happen to the Uncharted series.
Considering that Naughty Dog is focused on The Last of Us and Multiplayer in this world, fans have resigned to wait.

However, a new report has indicated that a reboot of Nathan Drake’s adventures is already on his way, but its creators would not be involved.
According to The Leak information, PlayStation has given a green light to an uncharted reboot.
Unfortunately, it seems that Naughty Dog would not be in charge of this project.
However, they would provide some kind of support to who brought the reins in the future.
Finally, it has been mentioned that this game is still in a very early development stage, so we would have to wait quite before seeing something concrete.
Along with this, for the moment it is unknown which team would be in charge of this reboot.
Recall that a long time ago, Blessed Studios, responsible for Days Gone, proposed just an uncharted reboot, but their idea was discarded.
For their part, neither PlayStation nor Naughty Dog have talked about this rumor, and they are not doing so.
On related issues, a roller coaster of Uncharted is already under construction.


Similarly, this is our Uncharted 4 gameplay on PC.
Editor’s note:
The idea of a reboot is something that does not sound so crazy.
Although it could be done an uncharted 5 with Nathan and his daughter, something like the God of War soft in 2018, starting from scratch is not something bad either.
We just have to wait and see what will happen.

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