This Is How Marios Movie The World Cup In Qatar Celebrates

This Is How Marios Movie The World Cup In Qatar Celebrates

It seems that at the moment, the world can only think of two things: the Soccer and the film by Super Mario Bros. In this way, a famous television network has decided to unite these issues to create a small announcement that will rejoice the hearts of the
Sport fans and Nintendo.
Recently, Telemundo, famous television network in the United States, shared a small sketch where we can see Luigi play football against a Dry Bones, something that does not have the end that the plumber would have liked.
Although this little clip does not last more than 10 seconds, it is perfect for this season.


With the end of the World Cup just a few days away, and Mario’s movie at a couple of months to premiere, it is very sure that we will continue to see collaborations of this type in the future.
We remind you that Super Mario Bros. movie will arrive at theaters on March 30, 2023. In related issues, here you can see the new advance of Mario’s movie.
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