Heres All the Details We Know So Far About The Barbie Movie!

Heres All the Details We Know So Far About The Barbie Movie!

Barbie’s film is one of the most anticipated cinematographic events next year.
After throughout 2022 we only had a couple of images of the film, today the first trailer teaser has been revealed, which, unexpectedly, is a reference to 2001: A Space Odyssey.
In a way that parodies the iconic start of Stanley Kubrick’s work, Greta Ger wig, Barbie’s director, presents us with the famous doll as the beginning of a new stage in civilization.
After this, we have a small look at the world, as well as Ryan Gosling and Sims Liu as their respective versions of Ken.


Considering that Barbie will arrive at theaters until July 21, 2023, there is still enough time for Warner Bros. to share a trailer in shape, which would be focused on the history of this expected film.
In related issues, Ryan Gosling talks about his role as Ken.
Similarly, new images of the tape were leaked.
Editor’s note:
I can’t wait to watch Barbie movie.
Not only the parody of 2001: Space Odyssey makes it clear that not everything will be expected, I am a big fan of Greta Ger wig’s work, so I know more or less to expect.

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