The Important Feature Thats Missing From The High On Life Video Game

The Important Feature Thats Missing From The High On Life Video Game

It seems the designer of The High On Life game has forgotten something very important when designing the game that has, perhaps, never been overlooked before. According to this article’s author, it is a key feature in all other games that makes you care about your character, and he hopes this article will make the developer rethink their game.

We desired to highlight a PSA about how high a crucial feature is missing out on in life that could change your decision to purchase the game.
Players all over the world discovered this missing function after attempted and bought the video game to play the video game on a brand-new gadget.
Some were able to compensate the video game, while others could not do so due to limitations on the reimbursement of reimbursement.
However, you have discovered the lack of function if you set up High on Life on a brand-new gadget and continue to be sent to the Buck Thunder II Manslaughter screen.
Here is whatever you require to understand how high on life misses a crucial function.

PSA: High on Life is missing out on an important function

In High up on Life, the cloud storage function is missing out on, which you can not play on another device with your present storage file
Nevertheless, you will know whether you can pack a memory file due to the fact that you will be forwarded to the High on Life begin screen rather of the Dollar Thunder II Manslaughter screen, which starts the video game with a new memory file.
This is extremely discouraging, given that it was stated on the High on Life Steam page that it was clear till recently.
If you look at the Steam side now, it has actually been gotten rid of.
Users report that it was displayed on the Steam page on December 14, 2022, however was removed on December 15, 2022.
This means that they either do not desire to be ideal for Cloud Save or that there is a problem with Cloud Saving where the designers are working on.
This is huge since players who start their video game on their Steam Deck and hope to change to their desktop can not do so without transferring their storage file manually.
The same applies from PC to Steam Deck or from PC to PC.
While the manual transmission of your storage file works, altering between devices, whenever you desire, can become really laborious.


In addition, the Steam Deck uses Steams, which handles its file and information storage differently than a PC, so that discovering its storage place needs more work than normal.

Where does High on Life conserve his safety file?

We wish to supply our obligation at our own risk if you manually move your saved files from one gadget to another.
If you have actually never ever done it in the past, we urgently alert against it.
Here is the area of the file for High up on Life on Windows devices and the Steam Deck.

storage location of the Windows file.

C: \ user \ \ Appear \ Resident \ Oregon \ Saved \ Save games

storage place of the Steam Deck file

Home→. Steam→ Steam apps > Compatdata→ 1583230→ PFC→ Drive_c→ User→ Steam user→ App data→ Local→ Oregon→ Saved Games
High in life is now available on PC and Xbox in the Video Game Pass.
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