When Will The 3rd League Promotion Games Start?

When Will The 3rd League Promotion Games Start?

In the 2022/23 season, the master of the Regionally Word will rise straight.


According to the current series, the two promotion video games, which were criticized by the clubs, are waiting for the relay winners from northeast and Bavaria.
In a round of guidance in November at the German Football Association, the 2 local league leaders Wilfred Raider from the Northeast German Football Association (NOV) and Josef Banker from the Bavarian Football Association (BFV) settled on 2 scenarios for the video game systems.
If neither of the two teams received the promotion video games remain in the final of the particular national cup (anticipated on June 3rd), the game will be used June 1st and 5th.

However, if among the 2 is represented in this final, the games will take place on June 7th and 11th.
The Bavarian agent should then first compete away.

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