1. FC Köln has to move

1. FC Köln has to move

The 1. FC Cologne has to move. This is a soccer club in the city of Cologne, Germany. The venue they have now is too small, and they would need to create a new venue outside the green belt, which is illegal.

  1. FC Cologne would prefer to remain where it is: in the green belt in Cologne southwest, near the Beckstein Water.
    It shouldn’t remain as picturesque as the club center is currently found in the little forest.
    The Bundesliga club has and grows to move, there can be no question of Pollen.
    The FC would choose to expand its location in the green belt, but at the end of November the Münster Higher Administrative Court had stated the advancement plan for the green belt inefficient due to official mistakes.
    The club therefore suffered a setback that is covered by politics.

if moving, then complete

I indicate, that with the FC was basically clear. You can’t call out the climate emergency situation and develop the green belt. That does not fit together, describes the Perfume Mayor Henrietta Refer in the Kölsch Rundschau.


The conditions in the city board had changed for the two the drawback of FC, now it was clear: The growth is not desired by the city. Point.
Clear words according to which the view goes further towards the west.
There is enough area for a new FC headquarters in the Beiersdorf district.
Objectively no broken leg, says managing director Philipp Turnoff, the almost 4 kilometers away in the Rundschau.
The club could not suffice as required, which is why at least the expert department would need to move closed.
The Geißbockheim, which has actually become the heart of the club for several years, might therefore become a subplowing that we take care of with love, During.

And would likewise be a possible home for the FC women.
If it depended on Refer, a choice on the Beiersdorf parade could currently be made around the turn of the year.
Nevertheless, the additional costs of a brand-new building on the edge of the city would be significant with a growth in the green belt.

I suggest, that with the FC was generally clear. You can’t call out the climate emergency and construct up the green belt. That doesn’t fit together, explains the Cologne Mayor Henrietta Refer in the Kölsch Rundschau.

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