The Last Of Us Part 3: Twitter. After The Last Of Us Part 2 From 2020 And The Remake Of

The Last Of Us Part 3: Twitter. After The Last Of Us Part 2 From 2020 And The Remake Of

The game consoles will not be among the first to be obsolete due to their technological limitations, but it is a reality that the games themselves will gradually become outdated.

According to The Last of Us Part 2 from 2020 and the remake of the very first part published in September, lots of fans of the series need to first be saturated and demand for a new uncharted, which according to reports are not established at Naughty Dog.
However, a 3rd part of the above-mentioned end-time adventure could likewise remain in the works.
The Last of Us Part 3 was brought into conversation by a Twitter user named Viewer anon, who has actually also been active as a flimsier in the past.
The scenarios of the supposed unveiling have a little suspect.
Viewer anon on Twitter caused a little risk or a teaser: If I do not get a screener link to The Last of Us in 10 minutes: suggested the TV series], I have to stop a hit.
This is not a blackmail, I would just be too hectic to tweet.
As anticipated, the Twitter user did not get the invitation for the initial version of the HBO TV series, so that he sent the following tweet: Well, I’m not taking a look at anything, so… Dr.
Luckmann’s next video game is The Last of United States Part 3, which is currently in production at Naughty Dog.
After a variety of followers and Twitter users were quite doubtful and the reliability of the supposed insider, Viewer anon emphasized that he also had various information about the television series from The Last of the United States seeped through, consisting of the reality that Ashley Johnson
when Anna is included.
He also pointed out the presence of Crash Bandicoot 4.

Faction’s sequel comes next

Viewer anon likewise clarified the Twitter users that the faction extension will be the next game of Naughty Pet which The Last of Us Part 3 is prepared for a later date.
When asked about Uncharted and the alleged new IP of Naughty Pet, it was reiterated that Uncharted was developed by another studio and that the insider was not safe with regard to the new IP.
You can see whether you are actually right when the light is worried, says a traditional television program for kids.

In the case of today’s report, we will probably not open any light so quickly.
Because should Naughty Dog in fact handle The Last of Us Part 3, which is possible, according to previous indications, the announcement should be a very long time or more in the method, so that today’s info to take a look at the needed suspicion as usual
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Regardless of how trustworthy today’s rumor is: Do you want to hold The Last of United States Part 3 in your hands sooner or later and when could the sequel be of your opinion?
When is The Last of United States Part 3 on the marketplace?
2026 or later
Not at all
2026 or later on 52%, 54 votes
54 votes 52%.
54 Votes-52% of all votes.
2025 33%, 34 votes.
34 votes 33%.
34 Votes-33% of all votes.
2024 8%, 8 votes.
8 votes 8%.
8 Votes-8% of all votes.
Not 7% at all, 7 votes.
7 votes 7%.
7 Votes-7% of all votes.
2023 1%, 1 vote.
1 Vote 1%.
1 Vote-1% of all votes.
Overall votes: 104.
December 2022.
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2026 or later on.


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