Ubisofts New Game Is Called Assassins Creed Jade, Heres The First Details

Ubisofts New Game Is Called Assassins Creed Jade, Heres The First Details

In September of this year, during a space event of Ubisoft, the French company confirmed multiple Assassin’s Creed games in development.
One of these was Code name Jade, which will be a mobile experience inspired by China’s culture.
Although the company is not yet ready to give many details, a series of closed tests were recently carried out, of which material has been leaked.
Since the last hours, multiple videos about Assassin’s Creed Jade have emerged on social networks, clearly showing gameplay, history, characters and endless details of this project.
One of these leaks shows us the character creation process followed by about 15 minutes of play, where we can see the protagonist protect the Ongoing village of the attackers.
The other takes place in the city of Hangzhou.
Here we can see the player making a jump of faith before infiltrating herself in the residence of the district governor to find and steal a permit.
For its part, Ubisoft has remained silent about these leaks, and it seems that they do not intend to share information at the moment.

In this way, we only know that, officially, Code name Jade is being co-developed by Tencent for the mobile market.
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Editor’s note:
To tell the truth, Jade looks pretty good.
Although the control scheme is something strange, I cannot deny that, considering that we are talking about a mobile game, this Assassin’s Creed has a potential to be a great title for this platform.

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