Seagate: Unboxing All Collectible Seagate Hard Drives

Seagate: Unboxing All Collectible Seagate Hard Drives

We’ve all heard of Seagate – the popular storage solutions provider. But did you know that Seagate also offers a range of limited edition, collectible hard drives? In this article we unbox some of the most iconic Seagate hard drives, featuring characters from our favorite video games, movies, and television shows!


Hard collectors as a present for Christmas!

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For numerous years now, Seagate has actually specialized in disk drives bearing the image of our preferred characters and licenses.
Video game, cinema, popular culture, all locations are represented and each time a significant event takes location, Seagate reacts present.
If you follow the news video games and pop culture through games, you know that we have actually relayed these systematically statements, whether it is the Gogh of War Ragnarök, Spider-Man and Black Panther discs recently, or
That of Halo Infinite, Cyberpunk 2077, Star Wars or perhaps Horizon Forbidden West.


As the Christmas holidays method, these hard drives can represent an initial present idea to put at the foot of the tree.
History that you can evaluate the quality of these generally quite austere objects, we decided to make you the unboxing of each of these tough and SSD records that Seagate has kindly lent us.
Much better still, we even make you win a via our Twitter account.

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